Fortnite’s Planes Returning Along With New Cosmetics And More As Per Leaks On Twitter

Air Royale is returning with a lot more cosmetic content as per some leaks.

Fortnite Leaked planes and skins
Fortnite Leaked planes and skins

New Fortnite leaks confirm the fan-favorite Air Royale LTM coming back and some new skins and collabs on the way. Following the recent Fortnitemares update, after data mining, leakers have found a lot of content in the game files that show new skins and collab skins, new weapons, new LTM, and much more.


  • A leaker has confirmed planes of Air Royale LTM to make another comeback this season.
  • Evil Dead collaboration is also apparently leaked with all the signature objects of Ash Williams as a backpack, pickaxe, and weapon skin.
  • A new Halloween-themed mythic weapon has also been confirmed. It’s unclear if it will be creative yet, but it looks fun to use.

Leaker @HYPEX, who also accurately leaked Fortnite and Marvel X-23 Collab, revealed that planes are returning in Fortnite. Air Royale was an LTM that came in season 7, chapter 1. It’s an all-time fan favorite mode and has already made the whole community on edge with anticipation for it. According to the community, it was the peak of Fortnite back in 2019 with Air Royale.

Most of the time planes were used to troll other players. But they were intended as a means to get around the map. It had made the whole game very fast-paced, with the entire squad rushing others using planes. You could blow up whole squads by flying a plane into them and use guns on the aerial vehicle, making the most fun-to-use and overpowered vehicles in Fortnite.

The leakers have confirmed that planes will return to the game next week.

Fortnite Planes
Fortnite Planes

On the other side, The Evil Dead x Fortnite Collab has been confirmed with an Ash Williams skin set to release this Halloween, according to the leaker @Shiina. The Evil Dead is a series of movies, with its first movie released in 1981. Ash Williams is a famous classical horror movie character and is the best choice to be included in Halloween.

Fortnite Ash Williams
Fortnite Ash Williams

The character will have a unique look with one hand as a chainsaw while the other equipped with a pickaxe. Players can get their hands on evil book Necromonicon as a backpack and a signature shorty shotgun with double barrel skin.

New Fortnite leaks also confirm that there are even more skins and collabs, one of which is a Rick and Morty collab which has already been announced. The Rick and Morty collab has Empress Summer and Mr. Meeseeks skin. There is a whole deal of many more Halloween-themed skins, as well as emotes and cosmetics. Additionally, a new Black Adam skin has also been announced in-game with a Black Adam collab recently.

There will also be a free skin Chrom Punk which you will get upon completing Fortnitemare’s quests.

According to another leaker @InTheShadeYT a new mythic weapon is underway as per data mining results. The gun doesn’t have an accurate model, but its abilities are already in the game.

The initial results show that it is a melee weapon with moves such as slashes and the special ability of some kind of a wolf howl. It is yet unclear as to what purpose the howl performs, it’s probably some stun ability or an enemy locating power.

The wolf weapon model is most likely the same as the gloves the wolf-like skin in the new Fortnitemare trailer has. The demonstration of the wolf weapon can be viewed here:

This season already looks packed with all the new collab skins, especially the returning fan-favorite planes LTM. What do you think about the Fortnite leaks about the latest collaborations, events, and skins and how packed and promising this season looks to you? Tell us about it in the comments.

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