FPS Mode Seemingly Coming To Fortnite Next Season

There is a a new FPS mode is coming to Fortnite next season and it is exciting off the entire Fortnite community,

FPS Mode Is Coming To Fortnite Next Season Cover Image
FPS Mode Is Coming To Fortnite Next Season

Fortnite fans have just been receiving a ton of good news lately. Everything is great, from new in-game shop items to a new Resident Evil crossover. It will get even better as the new FPS mode is coming to Fortnite next season.


  • It has been known that Fortnite has wanted to integrate an fps mode into the game for a while but hasn’t been able to yet.
  • The fps mode will be integrated into the game with the next season update for players to enjoy.

Fortnite has always been a game that has evolved to fit the needs of its player base. Initially, it was supposed to be a survival crafting game, but it quickly evolved from there.

With the release of the popular PUBG, the game quickly evolved into a battle royal and surpassed every other battle royal within several years. This is where the game has stayed as it continues innovating with new things every few months.

The next innovation Fortnite will be coming out with is an FPS mode that will be integrated into the game. Now it’s not like the concept of an fps is new, but incorporating it into a live game is just a fascinating concept that I don’t think has ever been done. This does seem to be something that they have wanted to do for a while but, for whatever reason, have been unable to.

This news came to us from HYPEX on Twitter, who got it from one of the devs. This has not been officially confirmed yet, but this account always has good info on Fortnite. So this is the first way that anyone would be able to find out that this mode is coming. Of course, as soon as they did find out, the audience was excited.

But with so much positive reception around the new feature, it does beg the question of how this will affect the game. The answer to that is dependent on your style of gameplay. If you prefer third-person mode, then not much more will change for you other than you might get a better look at things in-game.

On the other hand, if you naturally prefer fps games, this might very well boost your performance. Some people also only play fps, so this might encourage more people to play footnote now than they already did.

There is also a certain level of challenge with fps games that might add something extra to Fortnite gameplay. Your view is more restricted in the first person, making it harder to interact with the environment. For a dynamic game like a footnote, that could add a whole new layer for gamers to deal with.

That is all we have on FPS Mode coming in Fortnite’s upcoming season.

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