FromSoftware Posts Several Job Openings for New Projects

Insights into FromSoftware's future projects emerge as the Japanese studio initiates a robust recruitment drive, signaling the development of multiple titles.

FromSoftware Posts Several Job Openings for New Projects
FromSoftware's Latest Job Posting Hints At New Projects

Excitement ripples through the gaming community as FromSoftware, renowned for titles like Elden Ring, initiates a substantial recruitment drive, aiming to fill diverse roles for multiple upcoming projects. Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring and president of FromSoftware, sheds light on these endeavors, hinting at a shift in creative direction for the esteemed studio.


  • FromSoftware is on the brink of several new projects, as indicated by a recent recruitment drive seeking staff for various roles.
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring director and From president, discloses that different directors lead the in-development games, promising a fresh perspective for FromSoftware.
  • Miyazaki hints at his involvement in a new fantasy project, emphasizing a departure from past titles, adding an intriguing layer to the studio’s future endeavors.

Recently, Miyazaki elaborated on the expansion, expressing gratitude for the team’s contribution to the success of Elden Ring and indicating that the growing staff will be entrusted with more projects in the future. He revealed, “We are working on several titles directed by people other than myself,” promising a fresh perspective that fans can anticipate eagerly.

Despite his role as company president, Miyazaki emphasizes minimal project intervention, allowing directors to shape their visions independently. Thus, no clear insight has been provided about the titles being developed.

The job postings include the following roles:

  • Game Planner
  • System Planner
  • Game Programmer
  • Graphics System
  • Server Engineer
  • Character Designer
  • Background Designer
  • Character 3D Graphic Artist
  • Background 3D Graphic Artist
  • Effects Artist
  • UI Artist
  • Motion Designer
  • Cinematic Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Sound Designer/Composer
  • Production Progress
  • PR/Promotion Person (Advertisement)
  • Graphic Designer (Advertising/WEB)
  • Sales
  • Equipment Management and Application Management Assistant
  • QA Department Manager Candidate, Title Manager, and Support
  • In-house IT System Construction and Operation (Infrastructure Charge)
  • Sound Assistant (Part-Time Job)

While Miyazaki’s creative pursuits unfold, speculations begin about FromSoftware’s unannounced projects. Earlier this year, a consumer survey hinted at a sci-fi world crafted by Miyazaki, featuring dynamic action and extensive customization—an enticing prospect for fans of the mech combat genre. 

Moreover, some fans suggest these titles to be Bloodborne 2 or Bloodborne Remastered. In addition, some suggest it to be Dark Souls Remastered. However, only time will tell the exact projects that FromSoftware has in store for us.

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