Game Pass Had Almost No New Subscribers In 2022

The Latest details revealed that Game Pass had almost no new subscribers in 2022, and it could affect the future plans of Microsoft.

Gamepass Had Almost No New Subscribers in 2022 Characters
Gamepass Had Almost No New Subscribers in 2022 Characters

The latest news surfaced on the internet recently with everything from the release of Starfield to the departure of some important staff members. They have accidentally released a private document that was supposed to go to the FTC, but now the public can see it. Among the various bits of information we gleaned, one of the most interesting is that Game Pass had almost no new subscribers in 2022.


  • Microsoft accidentally leaked a document to the public that was supposed to go to the FTC.
  • The document appears to have been part of their ongoing effort to acquire Activision Blizzard and grow the company.
  • The document revealed that while Microsoft was unwilling to disclose the number of subscribers for Game Pass, the number had not grown much in 2022.

Microsoft has been known for making big advancements in the last few years. These have ranged from some high-end consoles to answering the public’s cry for new video games. We only need to look at Starfield to see how that can work for them. But one of their bigger gambits in the last few years has been the Game Pass.

In theory, the Microsoft Game Pass should be a win all around. It provides players with a vast library of games and keeps a continuous stream of income flowing to the company. However, some problems have manifested in the service’s next to no growth throughout 2022. 

A few things could have held the Game Pass back from any growth, and they could have a lasting impact. The first is that almost all Microsoft players who would use Game Pass already have it. There might be some truth, but gaming is still one of the fastest-growing and profitable businesses, so it seems unlikely.

Another more reasonable explanation is that there were no games with enough draws in 2022. This is true as many games have been delayed or canceled due to several developments over the last few years. This left a fairly large hole in 2022, where nothing with much fanfare came out.

Another possibility is that people are just growing tired of games being released before they are finished. This has become a constant in the video game world, and it is disrespectful to everyone in the gaming world.

It is rude to ask people to pay for a game that isn’t close to being finished, and it is insulting to force developers onto tighter schedules to release an unfinished product. This is more than likely affecting the state of gaming in general but also affects Game Pass.

We don’t know how the numbers for this year are shaping for game pass, but the release of specific titles like Starfield may have boosted it. It is also possible that focusing more on PCs might be the path forward for more subscribers. Only time will tell if this means more future Game pass changes.

That is all we have on the fact that Game Pass had almost no new subscribers in 2022.

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