Gamescom Expected To Announce New LEGO Harry Potter Game

An apparent leak suggests the emergence of a new LEGO Harry Potter game in the works, stirring excitement among devoted fans who are eagerly awaiting a fresh installment in the series.

LEGO Harry Potter Game
A deleted Instagram leak hints at a new LEGO Harry Potter game, exciting eager fans awaiting a fresh series addition.

An apparent leak has hinted at the development of a fresh LEGO Harry Potter game, generating excitement among dedicated fans eagerly anticipating a new addition to the series.


  • An apparent leak suggests a new LEGO Harry Potter game is in development.
  • Recent rumors surfaced after a deleted Instagram post.
  • The success of Hogwarts Legacy has reignited interest in the Harry Potter universe, creating a favorable environment for a new LEGO game, and the rumored alignment with the Gamescom event adds credibility to the speculation.

Enthusiasts of LEGO and the much-loved Harry Potter series have reason to celebrate. It is so as intriguing rumors hint at the potential arrival of a new game. Despite removing leaked content, these hints have stirred excitement and anticipation, leaving fans eagerly anticipating an official confirmation. 

new LEGO Harry Potter game
A deleted Instagram leak hints at a new LEGO Harry Potter game, exciting eager fans awaiting a fresh series addition.

The surge in interest surrounding the success of Hogwarts Legacy has revitalized the Harry Potter franchise. Thus, it has set the stage for a potential new LEGO game. The leaked Instagram post has been removed, and no official verification has been provided. But the alignment of the rumored launch with the upcoming Gamescom event adds weight to the conjecture.

Recent leaks suggest the possibility of a forthcoming LEGO Harry Potter game under development. The LEGO gaming franchise is known for successful crossovers like Star Wars and Batman.

Thus, it has left Harry Potter enthusiasts awaiting a new installment within this magical universe since LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. These leaks might herald a welcome change for fans eagerly hoping for a new Harry Potter-themed LEGO game.

The LEGO game subseries have seen a gap in new releases. However, the current resurgence in Harry Potter’s popularity is notably exemplified by the success of Hogwarts Legacy. This indicates an opportunity to explore the Wizarding World through LEGO games further. Given the renewed fascination with the Hogwarts universe, this seems to have prompted developer TT Games and publisher Warner Bros. to consider revisiting the LEGO game adaptations.

A purported Instagram post from the Warner Bros. South Africa account has emerged, featuring an image that showcases LEGO Harry Potter along with the logo of TT Games, accompanied by the date August 25, 2023. Despite being swiftly removed, the post has been shared with a few journalists, and attempts to authenticate its validity are underway. Neither TT Games nor Warner Bros. have issued any official statements regarding this incident.

This information remains speculative due to the absence of official acknowledgment from the concerned parties. Also, the subsequent removal of the post stirred interest among fans. There has been a vocal desire within the community for a new LEGO game set in the Wizarding World, coupled with ongoing rumors about its development.

Furthermore, the suggested release date of August 25 coincides conveniently with the Gamescom event, lending credence to the possibility of the game’s reveal during this period.

The earlier LEGO Harry Potter titles garnered considerable acclaim from franchise enthusiasts, and there’s a prevailing sentiment that a fresh addition is overdue. This already highly anticipated occasion, Gamescom, may now be poised to attract even greater interest in the weeks ahead.

Hints are emerging that Hogwarts Legacy might herald the initiation of a fresh era for Wizarding World gaming. A new Lego Harry Potter installment will potentially pave this. While official verification is pending, compelling corroborative details are surfacing, prompting careful anticipation as the Gamescom event approaches.

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