Simon Riley “Ghost” Face Revealed Through Datamining

The infamous Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Ghost's face has been revealed through datamining.

Ghost Face Reveal
Ghost Face Reveal

Ghost face reveal showcases his new face in the new Modern Warfare 2 (2022) through data mining. Upon seeing Ghost’s new face, it is safe to say it was a bit underwhelming. It was nothing like the expectations made by a lot of fans of someone who was going to look like someone who was war-torn. But in fact, he looks nothing like the lore.


  • The Ghost in Modern Warfare 2 is the most badass and very accurate to the core background story of the character. But the same can’t be said about the face.
  • The Ghost face reveal shows it’s the very original voice actor of the character.
  • It may face a change in the very future, and they will replace someone else for the face model, which is expected if the developers ever decide to do an official face reveal.

Simon Riley is one of the main and also playable characters in the new reboot of Modern Warfare 2. And one of the critical factors in the game’s success might as well be none other than the new badass more than ever, lore-accurate Simon Riley.

Always on edge, never trusting anyone, and being a badass in all situations, be it physical conflict or conversational dispute. The man has the upper hand in all situations. Comparing the character with the original character and comparing both characters with the background lore comic, it is safe to say the Ghost of the latest Modern Warfare 2 is the most lore accurate it is. But this is just a personal opinion, and it would be advised to read the comics before jumping to any argument.

Ghost face from Modern Warfare 2
The Datamined face of ghost from modern warfare 2

The character’s background story is full of just misery and backstabbing, which leads to the very personality of the character in the game. Traumatized as a child by his alcoholic father as a kid, getting his only loved ones killed, his name tarnished, set up as a traitor, and getting tortured and buried alive, the man had one hell of a hardship in life.

Even though overall, the character’s personality, age, and ranking everyone is very accurate to the comic. The same cannot be said about the face of the character in the game. It wasn’t up to expectations, as one would say. He was a lot different.

Ghost face reveal comic
The ghost from the comic book

The reason for it is easy to explain. The face seen here is non-other than Samuel Rokin, the very voice actor of Ghost in Moden Warfare 2. It is prevalent for characters to have the face model of their voice actor.

Through the process of scanning, developers have put in faces of real-life actors into their games. These actors even have to record their actions in the game through motion scanning; thus, very life-like action sequences are achieved in cinematics and animations.

One thing to remember is that this might not be the final face of Ghost. This just as well is to have a base model under the mask, and who’s better to have than the character’s voice actor? He might as well be put there intentionally by the developers for the community to be able to see through data mining.

That’s the extent of the topic on Ghost face reveal. We hope you enjoyed reading what we had to say about it, and tell us your opinion as well; we would love to see it down in the comments.

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