Leak Says Ghosts of Tsushima Will Release In 2023 On PC

A new leak says that Ghosts of Tsushima will release on PC in 2023 and we are talking about how accurate it could be.

Ghosts of Tsushima coming to PC in 2023 Cover Image
Ghosts of Tsushima coming to PC in 2023

A leaker has released a couple of tweets over the last few months about the fact that Ghosts of Tsushima will be released on pc in 2023. This information is scaled about another leak that has said the same thing. So by looking at all of them, we can ascertain just how close these leaks are and when we will get Ghosts of Tsushima. All of these sources were compiled by a helpful user on Reddit.


  • Some leaks say Ghosts of Tsushima is coming to PC.
  • Multiple tweets support this statement.
  • There are good reasons beyond the leaks to think Ghosts of Tsushima will come out on PC.

Ghosts Of Tsushima
Ghosts Of Tsushima

We have three leaks related to this rumor, and all three tell us something interesting. The first tweet is the least committed because it is just a tweet from @PeraAdrien saying it is underway. This leak is a simple tweet and offers nothing other than this information for us to look at.

The second tweet from the same account but a couple later reiterated that we will be getting Ghosts of Tsushima in 2023. The second tweet also contained a leak that we would be getting The Last Of Us part 1 in the same year. Given the wild possibility of both titles, this is possible, but the first leak helped confirm it.

The first leak was GeForce Now Leak, which contained what appeared to be a type of production list. Many very popular PlayStation titles appeared in the listing, and next to some of them was steam listing information. Now Ghosts of Tsushima did not have this next to it or Epic games which would be the other PC release. I guess this was an early production checklist, and they had not yet gotten to setting these up for pc.

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Ghosts Of Tsushima Trailer
Ghosts Of Tsushima Character

The above checklist, mixed with two tweets from a separate user, gives a good look at what we could be getting in the future. These sources seem reliable, and the Reddit user had gone to great lengths to praise @PeraAdriens reliability. They did admit that it could be a possibility that they could be deleting things from their account but found it unlikely.

Even if that were the case, the user pointed out that @PeraAdrien had consistently retweeted when information was proven correct. The fact that what they have leaked in the past has been confirmed before is a good sign. It is still not a hundred percent, so we have to ask ourselves if it seems likely to happen.

Ghost of Tsushima Combat
Ghost of Tsushima Combat

I do think that we will see Ghosts of Tsushima on PC. The game is far too popular not to see it being ported over, and PlayStation has been pushing for this compatibility anyway. The game would work well for PC, and the rumor that a sequel is underway only reinforced this possibility. Why wouldn’t the devs want to maximize the profit they could make from the franchise with this game?

We will have to keep an eye out for more leaks or an official confirmation.

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