Copies Of Gotham Knights Are Out Ahead Of Release Date

Copies of upcoming Gotham Knights are out in the market ahead of release date and it is raising many questions.

Gotham Knights Being Released Early Is A Big Deal Cover Image
Gotham Knights Being Released Early Is A Big Deal

We are just a week away from the release of Gotham knight, but some customers are saying that they have already got their copy of the game. There is proof for this, and by looks, it is accurate. So it is worth bringing to your attention.

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  • Gotham Knights have been obtained early by some players with photographic proof.
  • This could spell out some issues with both the shipping industry for games and the general interest that WB Montreal has in the game.

Someone indeed got a copy of Gotham Knights early. A Reddit user, Almarhubby, posted the above image and said he got a copy ahead of the release date. According to the leaker, his retailer had received the shipment early and started distributing them.

Just picked up my copy 🙌🏽
byu/almarhuby inGothamKnights

Interestingly, the games were even shipped so far ahead of time, as most would only ship them a few days ahead. If you want to avoid any spoilers for this game, I would advise preventing video game-related social media for the next week until your copy comes out.

Well, this is not an issue that I think will plague the majority of releases. Most gaming companies are too watchful of their products to ensure something like this doesn’t happen. So I don’t think we will see the same things with other titles set to come out this year, but it points to two interesting issues.

Gotham Knight
Gotham Knight

One of these is that Gotham Knights was shipped so early, indicating that gaming companies may still be having difficulty getting the things shipped promptly. The second is that the companies behind Gotham Knights didn’t care enough to warn people off releasing it early. This game received a lot of disappointing news, from lacking an initial 4-player co-op to a 30 FPS lock. This is just another addition to that list.

That is all we have on Gotham Knights being released early, but we will keep you appraised of further news.

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