GTA 6 Map Size Set To Grow Over Time With DLC Releases

According to an industry insider, Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to introduce a dynamic map that will grow and evolve.

GTA 6 Map Size Will Expand Over Time
GTA 6 Map Size Will Expand Over Time - Image Credits: YouTube

Leaked GTA 6 map images create buzz among fans, revealing new locations and notable changes. The leaked map also hints at an expanded Vice City Mainland, as depicted in the images. The latest reveals suggest uncovering iconic features like Vice City’s Beach Island and Starfish Island from GTA Vice City.


  • Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to introduce a dynamic map.
  • The map for the most anticipated entry in the series, GTA 6, will evolve and expand through regular DLC updates.
  • While this is not the first time we see such expansion, Rockstar Games has already implemented a map expansion in the GTA Online Cayo Perico update. 

According to an industry insider, Jason Schreier, Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to introduce a dynamic map, addressing a key concern among GTA 5 fans. Unlike previous installments, including the unchanged Los Santos, GTA 6’s map will evolve and expand. This exciting departure will offer players new and refreshing experiences in the highly anticipated game.

Rockstar’s silence on their next game, likely GTA 6, regularly disappoints fans, leaving them to rely on rumors and speculation. However, a trustworthy insider has offered some intriguing details, providing a glimmer of information for the highly anticipated game.

Rockstar plans to expand the map of GTA 6 through post-launch DLC and updates, in addition to the rumored return to Vice City. While specific details remain unknown, Rockstar’s commitment to sustaining the game is evident through their focus on map expansion as part of their post-launch plans.

Inside Leakers hint at a potential 2025 release for GTA 6, which could disappoint long-time fans. Despite the need for caution with rumors, leaks seem pretty solid. Given the game’s high expectations and Rockstar’s reputation for pushing boundaries, fans expect that Rockstar will take a deliberate approach. They strive to exceed the massive success of GTA V and create an awe-inspiring experience for fans.

The specifics of GTA 6 remain largely unknown, with speculation placing the game in modern-day Vice City. Previous leaks suggesting cryptocurrencies indicate Rockstar’s satirical depiction of contemporary America. With a potential 2025 release, official details may take time, leaving fans to rely on rumors.

Fans should treat all information about GTA 6 as unofficial until Rockstar Games confirms it. However, insiders have discussed potential DLC fragmentation. Fans eagerly await official gaming news from Rockstar Games.

Thus, this new development is quite exciting for the fans. Share your interests and feedback on our social media channels.

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