GTA 6 Release Date Rumored For Holiday Of 2024

Latest leaks and rumors reveal GTA 6 is coming Holiday of 2024 and it is having some issues trying to make that release date.

GTA 6 Is Coming Holiday Of 2024
GTA 6 Is Coming Holiday Of 2024

Very few games can generate a reaction like GTA, and ever since GTA V’s end, people have eagerly awaited any news about the next entry. We got that massive leak a while ago, but it has been relatively quiet. Now we have reached yet another leak but this time of a more reasonable scale. In this case, the GTA 6 release date is expected for the Holiday of 2024, and this comes with some interesting caveats.


  • Insider Tez2 posted that Rockstar was looking to release GTA 6 in the holiday season of 2024.
  • This tight release window could come at the cost of content being cut from the game and repackaged as DLC.
  • This date might be moved back if several brewing complications kick in simultaneously.

When we are looking at a game’s release window, there are a lot of things that can influence the final decision. Rockstar Games is facing several right now, and even with the fevered dedication of their fans, it is questionable why they would choose the holiday 2024. It is not a bad date, but it seems a little soon, even if they hadn’t suffered the massive leak a few months ago.

Now we have even better info and a look at the game, thanks to a post from GTA 6 News. They reposted a leak from insider Tez2 who released essential details about the game that the audience should know.

The primary reason for this is the amount of polishing a Rockstar Game requires, especially given how much GTA 6 would need. Remember that this game is expected to equal or exceed GTA 5 and RDR2.

That is an awful lot of polishing, and given the state of the game when it leaked, I don’t think it would have been that close. This is not the only possible hurdle for the game to overcome.

The second biggest hurdle appears that some of the game’s planned content wouldn’t fit in this window. Now, this does sometimes happen during game development, but what is not nearly as common is repackaging that content as DLC. I can think of only a few other games that have done this, and every time it has caused severe backlash unless that DLC was free.

The last factor that may and more than likely will impact this game’s development is the decision to try and move their staff back to an in-office workforce. We have seen the backlash this caused at other companies like Activision-Blizzard, which is happening at Rockstar. This blatant disregard for a company’s employees only leads to the departure of a desperately needed workforce.

So, it will be a rocky year for Devs and the game itself. Only time will tell if they can make better decisions and put out a game that fans will be happy with and meet their expectations.

That is all that we have on GTA 6 release date expected for the Holiday of 2024.

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