GTA Modders Are Crashing Other Players PCs With New Exploit

GTA modders are crashing other players' PCs and it is affecting the whole GTA community until it is fixed.

GTA Modders Are Crashing Other Players PCs
GTA Modders Are Crashing Other Players PCs

GTA Online has had a surprisingly solid and long life, but it is not without problems, even today. One of these problems is having a massive effect on the pc player community because GTA modders are crashing other players PCs, which has infuriated the whole community.


  • Several modders have figured out how to delete another player’s account and character.
  • The hack can also affect and harm another player’s PC.
  • There are ways to protect one’s system from this, but many consider waiting until Rockstar fixes the problem.

When it comes to a large online service, I think it is fair to say that hiccups can be expected over time. Not that anything should launch with them, but as updates are added and more players join a community, things will slip through the cracks.

This gets even worse when one considers that a pc game will always have the ability to be modded, which is affecting GTA Online right now. This was found by a player and the warning was given by multiple streamers, including Digital Car Addict.

The issue is that certain players use mods that may not be inherently bad depending on your views on the subject, but these are. These modders are using their mods to target other players and delete their JP accounts and the characters alongside them.

This appears to be more of a targeted incident than a random event. This is because it only happens to some players, not others.

Even worse than losing a character is that the corrupted files can affect your computer. When I say affect, I mean corruption and the potential to damage and even destroy your PC. This makes it an extreme threat for any player who simply wants to play the game.

The good news is that not all hope is lost because there are ways that players can protect themselves from being afflicted by this issue. One of them is that some players are running their mods with built-in firewalls.

This is an effective strategy but one that might be a little complicated for a casual player to use. After all, unless you already know how to use mods, it can be a steep learning curve, and the risk of doing it wrong is losing your computer.

The other and perhaps the best way for you to protect yourself and your pc is not to play the game. This is what many people are doing, and then for good measure, they are filing complaints with Rockstar. This is the best way to make the game safe, as the developer should be the one to guarantee the safety of the game.

So in the meantime, you may want to switch to playing GTA Online on the console if you can, as there have been no issues with that side of gameplay. Otherwise, keep an eye on the news for the game and when Rockstar has patched it.

That is all we have on GTA modders, which are crashing other players’ PCs.

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