GTA Online Halloween Event Details Leaked, Hints Return Of Trevor

Details about GTA online Halloween event have been revealed, hunting at a Ghost hunt event, possessed animals and snapshots of ghosts.

GTA Online Halloween Event Details Leaked
GTA Online Halloween Event Details Leaked

The recent leaks have revealed some exciting details about Rockstar Games’ plan for Halloween event planned for GTA Online.


  • Details about GTA online Halloween event have been revealed.
  • Details have revealed a Ghost hunt event, possessed animals, and snapshots of ghosts.
  • Data mines have also unveiled the music scores and props for GTA Online.

The recently released San Andreas Mercenaries DLC for GTA Online has been datamined. Resultantly uncovering information about the upcoming 2023 Halloween event.

We recently uncovered files related to GTA Online “Johnny” Ghost Hinting at a Halloween-Themed Deathmatch. Meanwhile, it seems like there is much more for the upcoming event. As per details from @morsmutual_, the latest details are also hinting at the return of Trevor. 

Keep in mind that the leaked details are subject to change. Past experiences have shown that rumored content often becomes the final product. Hence, fans speculate that with a few modifications, this could apply to the 2023 Halloween event.

Leaked details for the 2023 Halloween event reveal exciting features, including a Ghost Hunt collectible sub-event where players must photograph apparitions and an activity involving possessed animals, as data mines indicate.

Moreover, the GTA Online Halloween event will offer a distinct encounter with possessed animals, a departure from the norm where animals are rarely seen in the overworld. The data mine indicates that boars, coyotes, deer, cougars, and even pugs can be possessed, potentially posing a threat to players, as shown in the leaked footage.

In addition, the leaked models of the possessed animals in GTA Online’s Halloween event feature a light shade of brown with red eyes, similar to the possessed boar. When players defeat these possessed creatures, they vanish in a puff of smoke, leaving a trail of dust.

In the Halloween 2023 GTA Online event, the Ghost Hunts activity is a significant feature, where players must capture snapshots of ten ghosts between 8 pm and 6 am. One of these ghosts is Johnny Klebitz’s spirit, adding a unique twist to the event.


Unexpectedly, data mines have also unveiled the music scores and props for GTA Online’s 2023 Halloween event, heightening anticipation among players.

The Halloween event is set for October 2023, except for player-owned clothes, and the content is temporary. Players should participate before it ends. More details are expected as October draws nearer.

Thus, fans have been captivated by these details. What are your thoughts about these recent leaks? Let us know in the comments section.

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