New Update Patches GTA Trilogy, While GrooveStGames Bids Farewell

GTA Trilogy new update patch aims at fixing the game, while also brings in news about studio.

GTA Trilogy's New Update
GTA Trilogy's New Update

The GTA Trilogy has received a new massive update that makes you reinstall the whole game through the Rockstar Game Launcher. The GTA Trilogy’s new updates are enormous for all three games. At the same time, Groove Street Games, the original developer of GTA Trilogy, are no longer on the project, as they have been quiet and have not reported anything about the update.

Story Highlights

  • The new patch makes you re-download the game on Rockstar Game Launcher,  just like previous updates with huge sizes for pc.
  • The patch has minor changes and is marked as 1.04.5 on Rockstar’s Support website.
  • GTA Vice City is now on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.
  • The GTA Trilogy’s new update’s codebase path also suggests a studio change.

The GTA Trilogy’s new update download sizes are 18.53GB for San Andreas, 8.96GB for Vice City, and 4.23GB for GTA 3 on the Rockstar Game Launcher. The update size on Xbox and PlayStation is 400-500MB. Just the PC version of the game has to be fully downloaded and reinstalled.

The patch actually has minor changes, along with changes that are still being discovered because of how little they are. No one has authentic full knowledge of the update because of the limited patch notes.

Patch notes have also been posted on Rockstar’s Website by Rockstar support. The post marks the patch as game version 1.04.5. The patch notes go as follows:

  • Stability improvements across all three titles on all platforms.

This is not a joke if someone thinks that way, as this one line is the whole patch note. You can view the patch notes here.

GTA Vice City has also been added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers, and its users can also download the game, according to informer @videotech_.

GTA Trilogy New Update adds it on PS Plus
GTA Trilogy New Update adds it on PS Plus

On the other side, informer @RStarUniverse reports that the Definitive Edition has a new codebase path, which suggests Grove Street Games is no longer in charge of the game. 

It’s not confirmed who has taken responsibility for the future updates and patches for the game. But it’s most likely an in-house team of Rockstar Games.

Fans are still confused about what changes have been made. One thing is that they haven’t done anything to make the game playable. In fact, the update has added new bugs to the game. One change that has been confirmed so far is the change in weapon wheel animation.

Hopefully, the studio change proves to be good, and we will see some new changes soon. This update has been a disappointment so far. It has led people to hate the Rockstar Games even more as they made the game re-download entirely on the PC.

The release of the Definitive Edition on the mobile has also been delayed and is now set to release on March 31st, 2023. Lets hope we see the game get fixed before the release month of the mobile version.

Share your thoughts about the GTA Trilogy’s new update patch, and tell us if you found anything new in the update in the comments below.

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