GTA VI Announcement Could Be Moved Up

There have been reports that the GTA VI announcement could be moved up and if it is we could be getting new details on the game soon.

GTA VI Announcement Could Be Moved Up

The official announcement for GTA VI is something that fans have been waiting for years, and it wasn’t helped when a leaker posted a massive amount of the game online. Now fans were wondering whether we would get to see a trailer at all in the next year. Now though, it appears they may be getting their wish, which may be happening sooner than expected. 

Major Highlights

  • It is anticipated among the community that Rockstar would be moving up the release for the latest GTA V update, leaving many to wonder what this could be for.
  • As speculated by some, the release of the upcoming GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries DLC is the apparent reason for this sudden schedule change is to allow for a GTA VI announcement.
  • There may be some truth behind this, but there is more to consider when looking at Rockstar’s other listed projects.

The biggest project that Rockstar is currently working on is GTA VI, but it has had several setbacks in the last year. The biggest of these was a large portion of the game getting leaked and the subsequent fallout after the fact.

It left the project in a state of chaos, and whatever had been on the schedule for the game was quickly upended. Many wonder if we will get that long-awaited announcement as soon as next month.

This was reported by GTA 6 Trailer Countdown on Twitter, and they cited long-time insider Tez2 as a source. This all came about because GTA 6 Trailer Countdown says that the release date for the latest update, San Andreas Mercenaries, has been moved up. Now they and others immediately said this could be an early beginning for already confirmed GTA VI marketing.

In many ways, this would make sense; Rockstar would not want any other media or releases interfering with marketing their new blockbuster. So it makes sense that they would take the update and move it forward to capitalize on summer trends. As some have pointed out, this is not the only game Rockstar is making.

While that is certainly possible, another hint in GTA Online points to this being VI. A recent discovery of an arcade machine online was found to be playing a new piece of music. This music was entitled Los Santos Nights, and many think it is the new theme for GTA VI. It seems likely, given that this would be an odd addition for any other reason than to tease the upcoming title. 

Considering all of this, it seems likely that we will be getting something related to the next GTA game. How much we will get is undetermined, but we can always hope for a full trailer.

That is all we have on the GTA VI announcement coming very soon. What are your thoughts on the new anticipated details? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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