GTA VI Expected Release Date Hinted For The Year 2024 From Microsoft

Microsoft hints in the CMA document about the expected release date of GTA VI.

GTA VI Release Date
GTA VI Release Date

Microsoft has revealed the highly anticipated GTA VI release date in a CMA document. The expected release date Quote on Quote is for the year 2024. Whether it’s early 2024 or late 2024 is unclear as the exact date is not revealed, So take it with a grain of salt as this is just expectations of Microsoft from Rockstar and Takes Two Interactive to deliver the game by 2024.


  • Microsoft hints at Take-Two Interactive provided the expected release date of GTA VI to defend its acquisition of Activision.
  • Microsoft being a giant corporation itself, acquires information from other companies to help release their products on their platforms like Windows.
  • Following recent events about the complete source code of GTA VI getting leaked recently might have pushed development further, so the release date being 2024 is very questionable.
  • Official news about GTA VI development can be expected to be delivered by the 10th anniversary of GTA V.

Takes Two Interactive is the publisher of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 and will also be publishing GTA VI. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is under the parent company Takes Two Interactive, currently working on GTA VI. The notable thing about these two is that they haven’t unbuttoned the release date. So Microsoft might have just hinted at the expected GTA VI release date.

The CMA document containing the exact words about the release date of GTA VI is about the acquisition of Activision and Blizzard. Both Sony and Microsoft provide the document.

Meanwhile, Microsoft was talking about huge companies and their roster of video game titles available on multiple platforms in the section of GTA VI release date. Microsoft attempts to use it to defend itself against Sony not allowing Microsoft have Activision.

As Microsoft is a giant corporation, it acquires information from other corporations to help categorize, coordinate and release their products on Microsoft’s products like Windows, Stadia, etc. So Microsoft might have revealed the expected release date provided by Takes Two Interactive on when they expect to release GTA VI.

It is pretty arguable and can easily be seen that the release date being 2024 is very unexpected following the last events. Those events were expected to have pushed back the game’s release to a very far date. The event in question is the hacking of Rockstar Studio’s Slack and the hacker releasing the whole source code of GTA VI.

GTA VI release date by microsoft
Microsoft mentioning Takes Two Interactive and GTA VI in their document.

Having source code leaked resulted in uninvited exploits, cheats, and hacks. So to take care of the problem, Rockstar decided to rewrite the whole source code from top to bottom, and one other notable thing that makes the release date being 2024 unbelievable is the fact that the game was still in the Alpha stage. It is far from over, and Rockstar does take its sweet time to make and release games.

We can expect any official news relating to GTA VI development and maybe even its release date the following year, 2023, during the 10th anniversary of GTA V on 17 September. Till then, it would be a miracle even to receive any official news regarding GTA VI development.

That’s the last of the arguments and questions about the release date and if it is true. Tell us about your opinions and takes on the expected release date. We would love to hear it down in the comments.

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