A New Halo Infinite Glitch Halts 100% Completion

There is a Halo glitch that stop 100% completion of the game because it is preventing one of the achievements from being completed.

Halo Infinite Glitch
Halo Infinite Glitch

Halo Infinite has handled multiple aspects of its launch and plays well, but not everything is perfect. Now there is a new Halo Infinite glitch that stops 100% completion. This glitch is not allowing players to receive the achievement, thus completely halting their 100% completionist playthrough.


  • A glitch is preventing players from earning the Headhunter achievement in Halo Infinite.
  • This prevents 100% completion for players and is becoming a massive issue.
  • There is no current patch for the glitch, but hopefully, developers will notice this and release a patch soon.

Halo Headhunter Achievement
Halo Headhunter Achievement

The broken achievement is known as Headhunter achievement. Many players report the issue of not receiving the achievement for their game.

The glitch seems to forbid players from making any progress in the achievement and locks them from earning it. There has been minimal discussion on this issue within the community, and currently, there is no response from 343 Industries. This makes one wonder if they are even aware of the problem and are doing anything to fix it.

The good news is that the glitch does not seem to have any other effect on the game, instead of not giving players’ this particular achievement. This glitch also keeps players from earning 100% completion in the game. For many fans, it is a frustrating problem, but we still hope developers might be working to resolve it soon.

Currently, no patch seems to remedy this particular issue for the game, and 343 has not announced one yet. So it would seem that the best thing people can do is continue to inform the company that this is an ongoing issue by letting them know, and if it is affecting enough people, the company will most likely roll out a patch.

That is all we have on the Halo glitch that stops 100% completion. Are you are also experiencing Halo Infinite Glitch? Share your experience in the comments below.

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