A New Handheld Console Announcement Coming In October

An informer hints that a new handheld console will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

a new handheld device coming
a new handheld device coming

An informer on Twitter @jezCorden hints that a new handheld game console will be announced soon, and the announcement will be in the next few weeks. This little tease has left many people in anticipation, and people are making a lot of predictions.


  • With handheld consoles already released and more still coming, an insider is hinting at another better handheld console coming in next few weeks.
  • We could be seeing more and more handheld consoles using different technologies. Like 5G, cloud gaming, modern hardware, etc. technologies using consoles.

Logitech G Cloud uses cloud streaming technology to stream games. With the help of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Logitech developed a beta PWA for the G cloud.

The tweet uses a cloud-based console as an example, the new handheld console may also be cloud-based. Now there are many questions as to what it is.

The informer Jez is known for his Xbox/Microsoft-related pieces of information so that the new console may be by Xbox. In previous information, Xbox said that the team is too stretched with making home consoles to focus on a handheld.

But now this tweet, Xbox might finally be making a handheld that’ll use Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream games on a handheld. It may finally be announced in the upcoming few weeks.

Even though it’s Microsoft owned as well but I am gonna put it out there that Stadia might be going portable. After its failure, it might be turned into a portable console.

But Google Stadia is already on mobile, so that might not be a thing.

There were rumors of a new Sony handheld console coming back in March this year. So Sony could finally announce their new handheld console and the PlayStation 5 pro.

After long last, Sony could finally be making a portable. But take it with a grain of salt cause the informer mostly shares Xbox-related stuff. Keep your hopes up, though, cause a new ps portable might be announced eventually.

Razor partnered with Verizon and Qualcomm to create a 5G handheld console. It was announced in September, and not much was said about it. And with the upcoming Razor con, it could be possible to be announced this month.

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