Honkai: Star Rail Character Kits And Animation Leaks Ahead Of Update

Honkai Star Rail Den Heng 5 Star is a new HoYoverse Space Fantasy RPG game which has been a target of leakers, with several character kits revealed.

Honkai: Star Rail, amidst of a major leak storm.
The open-world RPG game, Honkai: Star Rail leaks hint at several character kits and animations unveiled well before their release.

The open-world RPG games have had a dark past in terms of facing leaks. But the developer that tops this list is miHoYo. Yet again, its newly released game, Honkai: Star Rail, faced a big leak just before its first update. Honkai: Star Rail character leaks have made the headlines in the gaming community.

Honkai: Star Rail is the new sensational space fantasy gacha RPG game that has destroyed the town. It has racked up around 24,930,344 players as of May 17, 2023. The developer, miHoYo, released the first update, 1.1, just now. 


  • Newly released game, Honkai: Star Rail has been a victim of several leaks
  • Over 20 characters have been leaked by leakers and insiders
  • Speculations suggest a remake of these characters by miHoYo

But this update did not bring good news for the firm. Leakers and insiders have already leaked a list of character kits and animations. Experts have estimated this leak to cover several months of development. Consequently, this leak has tarnished the dark repute of miHoYo in terms of leaks even further, especially after the notorious Genshin Impact leaks. 

If you do not know about Honkai: Star Rail: the game, inspired by classic Japanese RPGs, lets players construct a four-member team for turn-based combat, incorporating open-world exploration and dungeon mechanics, including the gacha system from Genshin Impact.

Set in a science-fantasy universe, players take on the role of the Trailblazer, awakening on a space station with no memory and discovering their connection to a powerful cosmic entity called Stellaron. Joining the Trailblazers, an adventurous group, they journey across worlds aboard the Astral Express, a space train, unraveling the mysteries of their existence.

Moreover, you assemble a powerful team in the gameplay by selecting from various free 4-Star characters to embark on an engaging story. As you progress and accumulate Stellar Jades through quests and leveling up your roster, you can utilize them to make wishes on the Warp Banner, providing an opportunity to obtain exclusive 5-Star exclusive characters.

According to the leaks, the main characters leaked along with their star categorization, paths, and elements as follows:

  • Xueyi (4-Star) – Quantum/The Destruction: Her skill is 150% of ATK damage to an enemy while inflicting damage on surrounding enemies too. She gains 6 layers of Vendetta when faced with a tenacity attack. 

    Xueyi is one of the characters leaked
    Xueyi is one of the 4-Star characters released.
  • Lynx (4-Star) – Quantum/The Abundance: The skill is the restoration of an ally’s health and the removal of one negative effect. Energy is restored in doing so.
  • Hanya (4-Star) – Physical/The Harmony: Applies “Burden” upon the enemy and inflicts damage equal to ATK. It also strengthens defense against the “Burden” of all enemies.
  • Luka (4-Star) – Physical/The Nihility: Inflicts “Fissure” for two rounds and physical damage. It also gains energy after every attack or skill used.
  • Yukong (4-Star) – Imaginary/The Harmony: Weakens enemy’s Toughness and makes the character enter “Spirit” mode.
  • Luocha (5-Star) – Imaginary/The Abundance: Heals all party members, and she can cleanse debuffs.
  • Silver Wolf (5-Star) – Quantum/The Nihility: Her ultimate can reduce opponents’ defense by 50%. 
  • Blade (5-Star) – Wind/The Destruction: His skill, “Death Sentence,” replenishes the health to 50% of max health. Reduces the enemy’s HP with Weakness Break.
  • Kafka (5-Star) – Lightning/The Nihility: Makes enemies to be Shocked and have a lot of damage, boosting ally attacks.
  • Dan Heng IL (5-Star) – Imaginary/The Destruction: Deals very high imaginary damage and neighboring enemies. It also strengthens normal attacks 3 times.

    Dan Heng IL is one of the characters leaked
    Dan Heng, IL one of the 5-Star characters released.
  • Jingliu (5-Star) – Ice/The Destruction: Jingliu does Ice damage to enemies and enters “Transcendence” upon reaching four stacks of Moonlight. In this attack, she sacrifices her health to increase her ATK.
  • Guinaifen (5-Star) – Fire/The Nihility: Does fire damage to a group of enemies and enters the state of “Flame Swallowing” after using any skill, talent, or attack.
  • Ruan Mei (5-Star) – Ice/The Harmony: Can deploy a barrier and increase the ATK of the nearby allies. It also increases the damage endurance of the whole team in a weakened state.
  • Topaz (5-Star) – Fire/The Hunt: Summons her special pet Wrap Trotter to deal fire damage. The pet can target specified or random enemies.
  • Fu Xuan (5-Star) – Quantum/The Preservation: Details remain unknown.
  • Black Swan (Unknown rarity) – Unknown Element/Unknown Path: Details remain unknown.

In addition, many speculations are surfacing that if the leaks affect the game, the faith of stakeholders, or the audience, the developers will take a dramatic turn to change the character details.

Hence, this proves that miHoyo is in deep waters once again. How do you think miHoYo would respond to these leaks, and what will be their response?

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