Immortals of Aveum’s Ascendant Studio Fires 45% Staff Weeks After Release

Ascendant Studios, the developer of "Immortals of Aveum," has laid off about 45% of its workforce shortly after the game's release, citing undisclosed reasons. Concerns about the game's commercial performance arise following these layoffs.

Immortals of Aveum's Ascendant Studio Fires 45% Staff Weeks After Release
Immortals of Aveum's Ascendant Studio Fires 45% Staff Weeks After Release

In a surprising move, Ascendant Studios announced significant layoffs shortly after the launch of their first game, “Immortals of Aveum.”


  • Ascendant Studios, developer of “Immortals of Aveum,” has laid off approximately 45% of its employees. It is just weeks after the game’s launch.
  • The exact number of staff affected has not been officially disclosed. However, it is estimated that around 40 employees were let go.
  • Speculation suggests that the layoffs may be due to the game’s poor commercial performance. It is as it received mixed reviews and struggled to attract players on Steam.
  • Ascendant CEO Bret Robbins expressed sadness over the decision. Still, he emphasized the studio’s commitment to supporting the development of “Immortals of Aveum” and its intellectual property (IP) with future updates and offers.

Ascendant CEO Bret Robbins expressed the difficult decision in a Twitter post. He stated, “Today, we are heartbroken as we part ways with friends and colleagues at Ascendant Studios—about 45% of our team. This was a painfully difficult but necessary decision that was not made lightly. Nevertheless, we must adjust now that Immortals of Aveum has shipped.”

The exact number of affected employees has not been confirmed. But it’s worth noting that Ascendant Studios had grown to over 100 employees since its establishment in 2018, as of April 2023. According to a Polygon report, approximately 40 employees were let go. It has been suggested that poor sales of “Immortals of Aveum” drove these layoffs.

Robbins’ announcement did not touch upon the game’s success or lack thereof. However, “Immortals of Aveum” did not make a significant impact upon its release in August. Our review described it as having “fun, engaging shooting” but criticized its lack of originality and storytelling.

The game’s performance on Steam has also been underwhelming, with peak concurrent player counts reaching only 482. Throughout most of September, the game rarely saw more than 100 players on Steam Charts. However, it’s important to note that “Immortals of Aveum” is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S; these numbers paint a concerning picture.

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