Inscryption Got Its PEGI Rating For Consoles Including Switch

Inscryption got its PEGI rating and that means that we can officially look forward to playing it on consoles including the Nintendo Switch.

Inscryption PEGI Rating
Inscryption PEGI Rating

It has been revealed that Inscryption will be coming to the Nintendo Switch because the game has got its PEGI rating. What the rating is and when it was rated can give us a good idea of what to expect from the game.


  • According to PEGI info, Inscryption just got rated and hints at the release on Nintendo Switch.
  • This rating details the audience that can play the game and surprises the Nintendo Switch community to enjoy the indie puzzle game.

Inscryption Pegi Rating
Inscryption Pegi Rating

Not just the PEGI, but the ESRB rating also shows Nintendo Switch Listing for the game, further strengthening the game release. There was some question as to whether Inscryption would release on the Nintendo Switch, but with this rating, we know it will now happen.

The game has been rated for ages 16 and up according to the PEGI rating system. This keeps aligned with what we have seen the game rated on other platforms as it is intended for a more mature audience.

The rating applies explicitly to the fact that it is a dark puzzle game with some disturbing elements. This is an exciting choice for a Nintendo Switch adaption as many of their games. But this would not be the first time a more adult title flourished on the family-friendly console.

Inscryption First Look

Inscryption is a dark puzzle in a card game where you collect various types of cards based on animals that will help you uncover the mystery of the cabin and play against the one keeping you there.

You are a vlogger trapped in the cabin in the woods, and you must use these cards and your detective skills to escape. The game has a pronounced darker leaning from its macabre set dressing to some darker and more psychologically twisted elements with the gameplay itself.

Inscryption got its PEGI rating, and now you can look forward to playing the psychological thriller and card-collecting gameplay yourself.

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