Insomniac Is Working On An Unannounced Game

Latest news revealed that Insomniac Games is working on an announced game and it could be another impressive entry for their catalog.

Insomniac Is Working On An Unannounced Game
Insomniac Is Working On An Unannounced Game

Insomniac is famous for putting out some of the best games on Playstation and some of the best games in general. Not it appears that Insomniac is working on an unannounced game, and it sounds like it might be another massive leap forward for gaming. So let’s see what we know about this new game and what we might see in the future.


  • Insomniac Games recently did a press interview and, in the process, gave some details on upcoming projects.
  • In this interview, it was revealed that one of the developers is working on an as-of-yet-unannounced title.
  • It was not elaborated on what this game was or whether it would be related to the other two games they have coming out.

A recent interview was conducted with some of the developers from insomniac games. During the interview, the question was asked about what games they were working on and how they felt about them.

While this interview was more based on upcoming games like Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, we learned something new. It was revealed that Insomniac is also working on an as-of-yet-unannounced game. You can see the interview here from Dream Walker’s Twitter account.

Project Director Erin Eberhart is asked what game she is working on and lets it be known that she can’t say much because she is working on an unannounced game. This is a big deal in and of itself because we only knew about the upcoming Wolverine game. Knowing that a third is in development lets us know that Insomniac has more going on than we saw.

But it isn’t just that they are coming out with another new game that should excite them. It’s what the project director said about the development of the game. She said quite a bit about how much she enjoyed working for Sony and, in the process, revealed that her team was using new tech. While she did not say which tech there were using, you could tell that it was something awe-inspiring that they were playing around with.

Does this mean this new game could use new VR features or more impressive AI than previous titles? Anything is possible, and insomniac games are known for pushing the boundaries, with their Spider-Man games considered some of the best games ever released. You also have to remember that this is a PlayStation company, and they are always trying to be in the front of the market.

It also makes one wonder if this will be another Marvel title they will release. It is a strong possibility, as most of their recent catalog has been Marvel games. There are also more than enough Marvel characters for them to choose from for a new project, but there isn’t a guarantee. They have worked on Rachet and Clank games and some titles they have developed. So there are a few different options for the studio.

That is everything we have because Insomniac is working on an unannounced game.

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