Insomniac Appears To Have Picked Wolverine’s Voice Actor

It seems that Insomniac appears to have picked Wolverine’s voice actor and it is some familiar to long time Marvel fans.

Insomniac Appears To Have Picked Wolverine’s Voice Actor
Insomniac Appears To Have Picked Wolverine’s Voice Actor

On the list of upcoming video games, one that everyone is keeping an eye on is the new Wolverine game. Coming from studio Insomniac Games, who are keeping a tight lid on it so far, it appears at least one new piece of information has come to light. Insomniac appears to have picked Wolverine’s voice actor, giving us at least something new to discuss with the game.


  • The Wolverine game from Insomniac is an upcoming title shrouded in secrecy since its initial announcement.
  • An Instagram post from Steve Blum shared some interesting details that did not reference the game directly but at least hinted at it.
  • Blum has referenced an NDA, which interestingly points more towards this game due to other announcements.

The Wolverine game has been under wraps since its initial teaser trailer, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from searching for any possible details or even hints. Any game from Insomniac would be in for this treatment, but given the massive success of the Spider-Man games, this goes double for any Marvel property. So when Steve Blum released a cryptic Instagram post, fans leaped to say that it was for the new Wolverine game.

Steve Blum Instagram
Steve Blum Instagram

There are some facts behind this, as Steve Blum has a history with the character Wolverine. He has voiced the character in several projects and seems to enjoy doing so.

If Hugh Jackman is considered the definitive live-action wolverine, then Blum is the same for animated media. The fact that the post also featured an image of him in motion capture suggests a higher-end game like one that Insomniac would make.

Another voice actor mentioned in the post was Roger Craig Smith, who is also very prominent in animation and video games. The reason his name sticks out here is twofold, one being that he voices great characters and could be any number of people in the game. The second is that in the past, he has voiced Captain America, and while we don’t know if that character will be in this game, he certainly could be.

All told, this post contained a lot of info that gave us a brief look into the potential project, but some people don’t think it is Wolverine. The most common theory is that it is MK12, but there is a good reason why it isn’t.

Most of the time, when a game is announced, the NDAs relax enough for the actors to start promoting it. MK12 was already announced, albeit inadvertently. You think this would have started already.

The nature of all this still points to the new Wolverine game, and it is good to have learned a little more about the game. Only time will tell when we will get more official releases on the game and, even better, an actual gameplay trailer. So we will keep an eye on this game for more leaks in the future.

That is all we have on the fact that Insomniac has picked Wolverine’s voice actor.

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