InXile Entertainment’s Upcoming RPG Will Feature Real Time Physics And Large Scale Destruction Simulation

New details revealed inXiles Entertainment's upcoming RPG and it going to feature destructible environments and real time physics.

InXile Entertainment's Upcoming RPG
InXile Entertainment's Upcoming RPG

New details have surfaced on the internet for inXile Entertainment’s upcoming RPG, and it is starting to paint an interesting picture for the unannounced game. From new in-game features to job postings with details, we are getting a good idea of what will be in store for the new RPG.

Major Takeaways

  • The latest job experience details from VFX artist on LinkedIn of inXiles Entertainment have revealed new information about the studio’s upcoming RPG.
  • Some of these new details included real-time physics being implemented and destructible environments.
  • inXiles Entertainment has a track record for good RPGs, the most famous being the Wasteland series.

These new details come from Caitlyn Trout, who recently worked as a Senior Technical Artist at inXile Entertainment. Conversly, we have learned that inXiles Entertainment is currently hiring in job posting with specific technical skills. Most of these skills seem to be based on environmental and physical systems for gameplay.

LinkedIn Job Experience Details
LinkedIn Job Experience Details

This leads us to the second information we have: the game’s new destructible environments and real-time physics. The destructive environments mean players could have more options during combat and potentially more dangerous—nothing like the threat of an imploding building to add more thrill to your game. The second aspect means that everything will have distinct interactions, from weapons to destroyed buildings.

inXile Entertainment Job Posting
inXile Entertainment Job Posting

The last thing we learned from these releases is that this will be a new RPG. There had been some questions up to this point about the game, but it has now been confirmed to be an RPG. This is good news considering inXiles Entertainment’s previous experience in the genre.

The implementations of features like this are not uncommon for games today, but it is not common to see them in RPGs. RPGs usually focus on stories, so many of the more technical achievements in games tend to get passed over.

For initiated, inXiles Entertainment is an Xbox game development studio and is most well-known for making RPGs. Their most famous works are undoubtedly the Wasteland series, some of their best ones. The new game will not be a continuation of any previous series and will instead be an all-new license that the company has attained.

We still don’t know what the license is, and we don’t know what it will look like since no concept art has been released. However, we will keep an eye out for it, as the game is shaping up to be very exciting.

That is all that we have on inXile Entertainment’s upcoming RPG. What are your thoughts on these new details surfacing just now? Share with us in the comments section below.

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