InXile Is Working On A New Steampunk Game

InXile is working on a new steampunk game and it sounds like it is going to be an interesting addition to their titles.

InExile Is Working On A New Steampunk Game
InExile Is Working On A New Steampunk Game

It is always interesting to hear when a studio works in a game genre that isn’t covered all that much. It can lead to memorable experiences that give players a new perspective on gameplay for years. One dev that appears to be working on something new is InXile. This is because InXile is working on a new steampunk game that should be coming out in the next few years if the reports are accurate. 

Story Highlights

  • It has been rumored for some time that InXile has been working on a new game, and that new game would include a severe lean toward steampunk.
  • A former employee of InXile has recently listed working on an undisclosed project at the company that NDA still protected.
  • This game would be a somewhat new experience for the company, but it also sounds like it will have elements that the developer’s fans should recognize.

InXile is arguably most famous for working on and bringing the Wasteland series to prominence, especially through the game series releases on Xbox. The franchise is now a favorite among RPG, Strategy, and Apocalypse genre game fans. With a powerful showing like that, many will wonder what the next project will be. Now we know, and despite the game not even having a trailer yet, we have a good idea of what we can expect from the title.

We know the studio has two upcoming projects, one entitled Project Cobalt and the other Project Indus. It is currently believed that the title that we are looking at is the one called Project Cobalt. This game will be an exciting addition to the studio’s library as it will branch into the steampunk genre.

Now in and of itself, this won’t be such a massive change to the style of play that you saw in the wasteland games. There will still be monsters to fight, robots to interact with, and a variety of stylish gear for you to collect. The largest differences we will see in the game will be style and tone. A shift to steampunk still leaves room for a variety of darker materials, but in general, this is a lighter and more hopeful genre for storytelling.

InXile Game Developer LinkedIn
InXile Game Developer LinkedIn

We also don’t know much about the story, but we know that work on that aspect seems to have finished. A developer and former employee of InXile has listed an undisclosed project on his resume on LinkedIn, and it seems likely that it is the same project. If it is, the devs are probably in the polishing phase of the game or getting close to it.

We also know that the developer prefers to work in both the RPG and strategy-centric genres, but we do know that one of these upcoming projects is rumored to have FPS elements. As we don’t know that this coincides with the steampunk project, we can’t say how this would affect gameplay.

That is all that we have on the news InXile is working on a new steampunk game.

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