Jedi Knight Outcast VR Port Is On The Way For The Quest 2

Team Beef is developing a new Jedi Outcast VR Port for the Quest 2 that aims to change the overall gaming experience.

A Jedi Outcast VR Port Is On The Way For The Quest 2 Cover Image
A Jedi Outcast VR Port Is On The Way For The Quest 2

Porting gaming is a unique experience that brings the old and new together, and now we have a new one in the form of a Jedi Outcast VR Port. This port comes from Team Beef, which has an extensive history with porting, specifically VR. The game is an exciting project and gives us much to talk about, so let’s dive in.


  • The new Jedi Outcast VR port comes from Team Beef and is a complete recreation of the game.
  • Team Beef has a fantastic list of ports to their name, giving complete confidence in the current project.

Jed Outcast Lightsaber Block
Jed Outcast Lightsaber Block

The Jedi Outcast VR Port is the latest project from Team Beef, and it looks like it will be one of the most fun games for Quest 2. The port appears to be including all of the original Games functionalities and graphics in its new iteration. This ranges from the original game’s assets, such as the art and acting.

This is all highly impressive, but it is not the only thing this new version of a Jedi Outcast will include. Instead, the game will also receive some updated features, the most prominent of which will be motion controls.

This matters the most because the thing that Jedi Outcast was famous for was its exceptional lightsaber combat. These things catapult the game into its long-standing success with Star Wars fans.

The game will be released for Quest 2, and we do not currently have a set release date for the port. We know that there’s already a demo out available from Team Beef, so if this is something you think you want to try, you can check it out and maybe support the development of the main game.

Jed Outcast X-wings
Jed Outcast X-wings

Team Beef is a prominent and respected modding and porting team that has worked on some big projects. They have ported quite a few well-known older games to different VR platforms. The most prone of these right now is the Quest 2 Vr headset because that is the most prominent one to date.

These are not anonymous games either, as the first one they ever had done was a port of Half-Life for the original Quest. But now, they have expanded their catalog far beyond that to include many other titles.

Some of the most prominent of these are the Quake series and making ports for both the original version of Doom and for free. Now they have been turning their attention to the Jedi Knights series. You can check out their complete list of games on their Patreon.

It should also be noted that they have a rapid work pace compared to some upper teams. The current Jedi Outcast Port has only been working on it for three weeks, which is remarkable given its amazing appearance. So it is safe to say that we can get a great Star Wars game from this.

Jedi Outcast Blaster
Jedi Outcast Blaster

Jedi Outcast is a video game originally from developer Raven Studios and was released on March 26, 2002. The game is a sequel to Jedi Knight: Dark forces II and was well-received by audiences upon its release.

The game follows former Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn, who has become a mercenary. It attempted to stop an imperial remnant from creating a dark force army.

The game was released to critical and audience praise only for the story and continued expansion of the Star Wars universe and also for its Indian mechanics. In particular, this game was famous for its flowing and hyper entertaining light saber combat.

You were not restricted to only using lightsabers, though, as you could use a variety of blasters and other weapons as well. The game also gained a reputation for its somewhat graphic dismemberment system, especially with the lightsaber.

Multiplayer was also a large part of the success as it allowed players to fight against each other, being on either the light side or the dark side of the force. And each faction had access to neutral powers. There is no word if multiplayer will be included in the port for this game, but I doubt it because it would be very complicated to implement for now.

Jedi Outcast Kyle Katarn
Jedi Outcast Kyle Katarn

In conclusion, it would seem likely that this is going to be one of the best Ports that we have seen for the Quest 2 in a while. I think there’s a part of many videogame and Star Wars fans that will love to be able to use a lightsaber with their own hands. We will be sure to keep an eye on Team Beef in the future so we can let you know about more news.

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