Job Posting Suggests Firaxis’ Civilization 7 To Be Marketed Soon

Firaxis Games, renowned for strategic titles like Civilization, is on the brink of significant developments as a recent job posting hints at the imminent marketing phase for Civilization 7.

Job Posting Suggests Firaxis' Civilization 7 to be Marketed Soon
Job Posting Suggests Firaxis' Civilization 7 to be Marketed Soon

According to Google records, Firaxis is actively seeking a candidate for a product marketing position, a development signaled by the recent update to their career website just five days ago. The job description explicitly emphasizes that familiarity with the Civilization 7 game is a substantial asset.


  • Firaxis actively seeks a Product Marketing Manager, with recent website updates emphasizing Civilization game familiarity.
  • Celebrated for over two decades, Firaxis teases exciting developments under Sid Meier’s guidance, potentially marking Civilization 7’s marketing phase.
  • The studio’s COO confirms Civilization 7 development, with players navigating civilizations through eras; a new job posting suggests an imminent marketing push.

Firaxis has consistently delivered groundbreaking titles as a studio celebrated for over two decades. Civilization stands out for its intricate strategy that challenges players to consider diplomatic prowess and cultural wonders alongside traditional conquest methods. Thus, this move to expand the team hints at exciting developments, potentially heralding the marketing phase for Civilization 7.

Recently, the studio announced that Civilization 7 was in development. In the immersive realm of Civilization, gamers embark on a journey to guide the evolution of a civilization, navigating it from humble beginnings in a settlement through countless in-game eras. 

Furthermore, the role entails being a consumer advocate and liaison, actively representing, ideating, and contributing to marketing initiatives at the studio level. What makes this opportunity even more intriguing is the emphasis on the future of Civilization, hinting at a significant role in the marketing strategy for the highly anticipated Civilization 7.

Job Posting Suggests Firaxis Studio's Civilization 7 to be Marketed Soon
Job Posting Suggests Firaxis Studio’s Civilization 7 to be Marketed Soon

The responsibilities include improving game quality and driving player engagement, positioning the Senior Product Marketing Manager as a diplomat, strategist, data analyst, and marketing producer.

As part of the Global Audience and product Strategy, the candidate will delve into customer insights, identify global audience needs, and contribute to long-term strategic marketing planning. With an on-site presence at the Firaxis studio three days a week, this role signifies a hands-on involvement in the evolution of the Civilization series.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits further updates, the recent job posting at Firaxis fuels speculation that Civilization 7 might soon enter an extensive marketing campaign spotlight, promising new dimensions to the beloved strategy game. What are your thoughts on this latest development? Let us know in the comments section.

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