Kabam Hiring For Unannounced AAA Cross-Platform Title

Famous mobile gaming studio Kabam is seemingly hiring an Executive Producer for an unannounced AAA and Cross-platform title, as per the job listing details.


A recent job posting of Kabam details hiring an Executive Producer for an upcoming yet unannounced AAA cross-platform title. The Kabam studio has numerous mobile titles like Marvel Contest of Champions, Realm of Champions, Star Wars Uprising, and the most recent release Disney Mirrorverse to its name. Now with the latest news of the job listing for Executive Producer, we got to see another imminent announcement from Kabam.

Story Highlights

  • Kabam, the Vancouver-based studio behind games like Disney Mirrorverse, Marvel Contest of Champions, and Realm of Champions, is now hiring for their upcoming unannounced AAA game project.
  • The latest details come from a job listing that details a Cross-Platform AAA IP that also follows a release on a major console.
  • After the positive approval of Disney Mirrorverse from the Kabam studio, it seems like they are focusing on developing a new IP, and the announcement might also be imminent.

According to the job listing, the Vancouver-based studio of Kabam is seeking an Executive Producer for a big AAA game project. Like most gaming studios, Kabam is well-known for stunning and visually appealing mobile titles, especially for Disney and Marvel fans.

While not many details are shared on what this title will be, the job posting did share the genre of the upcoming title. According to the experience details in the job posting, the studio is hiring candidates with experience in the Action, Adventure genre. The experience details read, “Experience developing AAA console games in the Action, Adventure, or Fighting genres.” 

Kabam Unannounced Cross Platform Game Details
Kabam Unannounced Cross-Platform Game Details

Not just that, but the upcoming AAA title is also slated for release as the original IP for the major console. It means the Kabam is taking up a notch and expanding its release from mobile and PC to a console like Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. The description reads: This is an unannounced cross-platform title, working in close partnership with a major console on a wholly original IP.

Game's expected Genre
Game’s expected Genre

We can also see the statement that reads: Remain current on competitor products, industry trends, and techniques in game design as one of the executive producer’s top responsibilities. It confirms that the upcoming title is a big announcement from Kabam that will follow the latest development trends. Since it is an AAA game, it will undoubtedly be complex and highly interactive. Additionally, we can expect the game to follow industry and current trends of graphical improvements and music.

Development Expectations from The Job Listing
Development Expectations from The Job Listing

Kabam recently released the much anticipated Disney Mirrorverse on June 23, 2022, for Android and iOS. The game received massive approval from the action RPG community. With that, it seems like the studio is now moving forward in full gear with new AAA IP in the future to tap into the broader audience with partnerships with a major console.

What are your thoughts on the Kabam upcoming unannounced IP in the future? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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