Kojima’s New Game ‘Overdose’ Screenshots Leaked On The Internet

Kojima's new game previously confirmed to be Overdose finally has some leaked screenshots.


Kojima’s new game “Overdose” finally has screenshots of the footage that previously surfaced on the internet. And it appears that Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding, is confirmed to be the one in the screenshots.


  • The latest leaks of Kojima’s new game Overdose surfaced on the internet, which will be an Xbox-exclusive title.
  • Overdose leaked footage has been circling private discords, according to Tom Henderson.
  • The footage isn’t of Death Stranding 2, as the ending of the footage claimed it to be of Overdose.
  • Overdose will most likely be announced on The Game Awards by the end of the year.

Recently, Tom Henderson reported about the new game of Kojima Productions titled Overdose, which was confirmed to be accurate as Kojima Productions had asked for the report to be taken down, according to Tom Henderson.

Kojima has been working on a new Xbox Exclusive title. Meanwhile, as per the latest leaks and speculations, the title in question is undoubtedly Overdose.

Kojima’s new game for Xbox is said to be nothing like anything before and would be a one-of-a-kind horror game. Without a doubt, a statement like this coming from Kojima, the mastermind behind games like the Metal Gear series and Death Stranding, is something to put faith in.

The said footage is a teaser for Overdose, which is going around in private Discord servers of developers not involved in the game. The footage doesn’t elaborate much, according to sources, Yet we know one significant detail as the main character (Margaret Qualley) is turning dark corners, and the footage ends with “A Kojima Productions game Overdose” at the end. This might just be a small teaser to showcase the main character and announce the said game.

Overdose Margaret Qualley
Overdose Margaret Qualley
Kojima Overdose
Leaked screenshots found on the internet

While the screenshots are horrifyingly blurred but it still can be seen that the person in the picture is Margaret Qualley. It was also confirmed before by industry expert Tom Henderson that the character in the footage was Margaret Qualley.

There is no news about when this will officially be confirmed. However, players are looking forward to possible announcements in the future. Hopefully, the complete footage might as well be found very soon as someone said that it circling in private Discord servers.

There have been a lot of teasers shared by Kojima, where he confirmed two new female actors to be in his next game. The actors are Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna, who will feature in the next title. Whether they feature in Overdose is not confirmed, as some rumors are also bringing up Death Stranding 2 to attention.

What do you think Overdose will turn out to be, or if Death Stranding 2 is also in production? Tell us in the comments.

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