Leaked FTC Documents From Microsoft Details On Bethesda’s Release Schedule

Leaked Documents Shed Light on Bethesda's Release Plans.

Leaked Documents Shed Light on Bethesda's Release Plans
Leaked Documents Shed Light on Bethesda's Release Plans

Recent revelations stemming from documents exposed in the FTC v. Microsoft case provide intriguing insights into Bethesda’s release schedule before its acquisition by Microsoft. The exposed documents reveal numerous undisclosed projects and remastered editions being deliberated at ZeniMax Media, the corporate parent of Bethesda Game Studios and id Software.


  • Leaked FTC v. Microsoft case documents reveal Bethesda’s pre-acquisition release schedule.
  • Unannounced projects and remasters, including “Oblivion” and “Fallout 3,” were in consideration.
  • The leaked documents date back to July 2020, and priorities may have shifted post-acquisition.

Significant insights from the leaked documents include proposals for enhanced editions of two iconic games: “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” and “Fallout 3.” Furthermore, the records allude to a fresh addition to the “Doom” series “Doom Year Zero.” These games were part of a July 2020 Microsoft presentation outlining the potential ZeniMax acquisition.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the unannounced games and projects mentioned in the leaked documents:

  • The Oblivion Remaster: Originally scheduled for fiscal year 2022.
  • Doom Year Zero: A fresh “Doom” game slated for fiscal years 2023 and 2024, accompanied by planned DLC releases.
  • The Fallout 3 Remaster: Set for release in fiscal year 2024.
  • Sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo: Anticipated in fiscal year 2024.
  • Dishonored 3: Projected for fiscal year 2024.

The documents also refer to several other projects without specific titles, including:

  • Indiana Jones Game: Previously known about and initially slated for fiscal year 2022.
  • Project Kestrel: Scheduled for fiscal year 2023, with an expansion planned for 2024.
  • Project Platinum: Undisclosed details.
  • A Licensed IP Game: Lacks specific information.

It’s critical to note that these ideas were developed more than three years ago. Consequently, there is the possibility that priorities and release dates have evolved or been revised since then. However, these documents offer a glimpse into the potential lineup of titles players may anticipate from Microsoft in the coming years. This was all before Microsoft bought ZeniMax in March 2021. 

Additionally, the leak provided insights into hardware details. Leaks suggest the design encompasses a disc-less redesign of the Xbox Series X. Another leak is being labeled as an enhanced version of the Xbox Series S. Moreover, a completely new “Sebile” Xbox controller is also introduced.

This case has surely proved to be a huge deal for Microsoft. What are your thoughts about this recent development? Let us know in the comments section and on our social media handles.

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