Lenovo Is Developing A Handheld Gaming PC

It appears that Lenovo is creating a handheld gaming pc and it is going to be a competitor to the like of the Steam Deck.

Lenovo Developing a Handheld Gaming PC

We live in a great age of new gaming consoles; we have powerhouses like Xbox and PlayStation, and many companies are also trying to develop new consoles. One of the areas where we have seen the most development of this has been mobile gaming, and a new one is on the way. Lenovo is creating a handheld gaming PC that could bring serious competition to the handheld market. 


  • Lenovo has been a player in the pc market for a while now, but it appears they are trying to increase their audience with a new handheld pc.
  • This device was covered by Jez Corden, who revealed some of the more exciting features we will see from the device.
  • We learned that this device will be a direct competitor of devices like the Steam deck in terms of functionality.

We are seeing more and more companies trying to enter the gaming field in various ways. Some create their games under their studios, while others sponsor smaller studios. Then some, like Lenovo, try to get in by making a new console.

Jez Corden describes this new console from Lenovo to be a handheld PC. A device that is aimed to allow players to access their favorite games while on the go. This device will directly compete with the Steam Deck and the ASUS ROG ALLY. These are some of the most popular platforms to take your gaming mobile, so Lenovo will need some good specs. Fortunately, it appears that this new device will have those specs.

This new device will be called the Legion Go based on the information. Putting under Lenovo’s Legion brand, which is already associated with mobile gaming, this information also alludes to the fact that the device will have an eight-inch screen, giving it one more inch than its competing devices. There is hope this larger screen will allow for easier compatibility with ported games.

The device specs are still relatively vague, with only one exception. The Legion Go will allegedly have an AMD Phoenix 7040 as its primary chip. The chip was chosen because it is thin and light, making it perfect for a mobile device. This will give a comparable level of output used by the Steam Deck and the ASUS ROG ALLY. Though exactly how this will translate to the performance of the device is yet to be seen.

We also know that the device will include Windows 11 as standard, allowing it to be compatible with many games. This would seem to suggest that Lenovo is looking for the Legion Go to be compatible with a wide range of games for a wide range of players.

That is all we have on Lenovo is creating a handheld gaming PC. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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