Amazon Is Making A New Lord Of The Rings MMORPG

It has been reported that Amazon is making a new Lord Of The Rings MMORPG and it could a big boost for the franchise.

Amazon is making a new Lord Of The Rings MMORPG
Amazon is making a new Lord Of The Rings MMORPG

Lord of the Rings has an interesting history with video games with great entries or some of the worst games people have ever seen. Now it appears that Amazon would like to throw its hat in the ring as Amazon is making a new Lord Of The Rings MMORPG


  • Amazon has owned the rights to the Lord of the Rings for quite some time, but I haven’t done a lot with it aside from making one new show; they appear to be changing that now with a new game.
  • This new game Will be based on Lord of the Rings and an MMORPG, which there have been a few of previously for any tokens works.
  • Not only is Lord of the Rings considered one of the primary pieces of Fantasy in any format it has had some of the best video games that people have played.

It was revealed that back in 2017, Amazon had paid $250 million for the rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise and other Tolkien works, according to a Forbes article. That sounds like a huge price tag, and it is before the company that was looking to be able to make a lot of content. 

Despite this, we have seen very little activity with the franchise since its purchase. The only thing that is come up so far is the Rings of Power streaming show, and not much else.

Now it appears that Amazon is finally ready to try and do more with the franchise than they have previously, the creation of a video game. Shinobi602 reported on his account that this would be a joint venture between Embracer and Amazon.

This is specifically said to be an MMORPG. Moreover, it appears to be set in the Lord of the Rings era. This offers some great potential for the game but worries some other people.

The Lord of the Rings sets itself quite well to be a good ground for an MMORPG as it was already an inexpensive world with numerous characters. A setting that would make it relatively easy for people to go out and create their adventures.

It gave birth to Fantasy as we know it today in many ways. And given all the advancements in video games today, there is a good opportunity here.

The big issue for many is that Amazon has a horrible record for producing and releasing video games. The few they have released so far are not garnering a lot of general attention and not getting much positive feedback.

This does not mean that this game is necessarily doomed because Embracer has access to some talented teams. That also being said, this is the first MMORPG for this company as well.

Only time will tell with more details what we can fully expect from this new game. We’ll watch for more news and let you know when we find some.

That is all we have on that Amazon is making a new Lord Of The Rings MMORPG. 

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