MachineGames Could Be Making New Indiana Jones Game On Unreal Engine

MachineGames announced that they are making an Indiana Jones game and it could be utilizing the famous Unreal Engine.

MachineGames New Game Wolfenstein 3 or Indiana Jones
MachineGames New Game Wolfenstein 3 or Indiana Jones

MachineGames, the studio behind the infamous Wolfenstein series, is working on a new game Indiana Jones, based on the cult classic Harrison Ford’s movie. Meanwhile, the latest news reveals that MachineGames new game is reportedly being made on the Unreal Engine as per a new job post from the studio.


  • The MachineGames new, Indiana Jones game is being developed on the Unreal Engine, according to a recent job post.
  • There is a high chance that the newly mentioned project could be Wolfenstein 3, being developed alongside Indiana Jones with the development engine of Unreal.
  • The release date for the new Indiana Jones game is set for 2023 and will release alongside the new Indiana Jones movie, according to the announcement.

MachineGames studio is famous for its first-person shooter action game, the Wolfenstein series. Recently the studio announced that they are developing the Bethesda announced Indiana Jones game, which was announced back in January of 2021. Todd Howard is said to be one of the lead directors in the game and will be working with MachineGames.

MachineGames recently posted a job post for a Lead Level Designer to lead, manage, and mentor a team of level designers for their newest project, which seems to be Indiana Jones, as there is nothing else they have confirmed to be working on.

The job location is confirmed for Uppsala, Sweden, a small city near Stockholm’s capital. The position will be permanent according to the description, and they requested that the applicant start as soon as possible. They have also agreed to provide a work visa and relocate to the closest place near their office in Sweden.

According to the job post details, the studio is seeking individuals with Advanced knowledge and experience with level editors (Unreal Level Editor, Sandbox Editor, Hammer, or similar.)

MachineGames Job Posting Details
MachineGames Job Posting Details

There hasn’t been much information regarding what title they are developing using the Unreal Engine, which might not be actually regarding Indiana Jones as there is a chance the studio might be working on another game. The other game is most likely Wolfenstein 3, as it was mentioned that Bethesda is interested in another game in the franchise and will showcase the events in between the 2nd and YoungBlood.

There is a chance that the new game is Wolfenstein 3 and not 4, as Young Blood was not considered in this trilogy but rather a different game that covered a story regarding the twin daughters and took place after Hitler’s Death. Hitler died off-screen, so the studio Bethesda’s Pete Hines said they would cover that if they made a game. And it will feature the infamous Mecha Hitler from the original Wolfenstein 3D.

MachineGames New Game Wolfenstein 3 Mecha Hitler Wolfenstein 3D
The Mecha Hitler from the Wolfenstein 3D game

The release date for Indiana Jones is confirmed for 2023, possibly in June or July, as it was said to release next to the new Indiana Jones movie. But with a recent Job post requiring a lead-level designer, it could be the release date is further postponed and will go up to the end of the year 2023.

Concluding that there is a high chance they might be starting on the development of Wolfenstein 3 alongside Indiana Jones and will be using Unreal Engine, or this job vacancy is to fill in a gap recently left by someone.

That’s the extent of the information we have regarding MachineGames new game, and we will keep you updated on the latest information. We would love it if you shared your opinions about the studio and the games it’s developing and has developed; tell us in the comments section.

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