MachineGames Is Working On A Mysterious Unannounced Title

It appears that MachineGames is working on an unannounced title, which is not the new Indiana Jones game they are developing.

MachineGames Is Working On An Unannounced Title
MachineGames Is Working On An Unannounced Title

MachineGames is an impressive, if somewhat quiet, studio that has been putting out a few games over the last few years. They are most famous for working on the latest Wolfenstein titles, but they are also working on an unannounced Indiana Jones game. But MachineGames is working on a mysterious unannounced title unrelated to any properties they have previously worked on.


  • MachineGames has been confirmed to be working on a new and announced project.
  • This new project is not the new Indiana Jones or Wolfenstein III games we know the studio is working on.
  • The timeline for this title suggests that it could be released as soon as next year.

MachineGames has made a splash with their work on the Wolfenstein games. These games are responsible for reviving Wolfenstein as a franchise and boosting the studio’s fame. The fact that they were revealed to be working on an Indiana Jones title is even more impressive, given their limited track record. The game is still being developed, but we have learned they are working on an all-new project.

This new project is an all-new title unrelated to Wolfenstein or Indiana Jones. Timur222 reported that a former employee had stated the company was working on a new and unannounced project.

This employee had left MachineGames in 2021 and implied that the game was fully in development when they departed. So this was not just a concept that the studio entertained when the employee left.

The employee had left in 2021 and said that game was being developed when they left. We only learned of the same this year, which means the title could be released as soon as next year. It does seem more likely that it will be at least two years until we see this because the game hasn’t even been announced.

The game is implied to be a triple-A title which could mean up to seven years in development or three at a minimum. Three would put it at release for next year, but with such little information, it seems unlikely.

We don’t know any more details about the new game or what it will be about. The studio is still small, and a release of an all-new property they developed could be the next step the studio needs. They are currently only known for working on IPs that others created, so this could be the cap they need.

That is all we have on the latest report on MachineGames unannounced title. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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