Mafia 4 Seeking Programmers Revealing Development Of Upcoming Entry

A latest job listing reveals that Mafia 4 is currently seeking programmers and the leak has given us some more info on the game.

Mafia 4 Is Currently Seeking Programmers
Mafia 4 Is Currently Seeking Programmers

If you pay attention to open-world games with any sense of distinction, then you have probably heard of the Mafia games. A series known for fun gameplay and, at times, ambitious improvements on previously unused or underutilized mechanics in their games, the series has accrued a significant fan base.

But it has been quite a while since the last entry came out, and many were hoping for any news on the next entry. Now we finally have some, as Mafia 4 is currently seeking programmers. This gives us some key insights into the next entry and a little of what we can expect from it.


  • A job listing was posted by Hangar 13, looking for new tool coders for an upcoming project.
  • Hangar 13 is the studio responsible for developing Mafia 4, and given the studio’s schedule, it seems likely this is the game they are posting for.
  • This job posting gave us a brief glimpse into the game development schedule, and from there, we can make some assessments about the upcoming title.

Hangar 13 Job Posting
Hangar 13 Job Posting

It is not uncommon for upcoming titles to have leaks that give the audience a look at what they will be ahead of time, but some games are too secure for that. In this case, we have to take any information that we can get from sources that we can believe.

A job posting is a golden version of this because it is put out by the company itself and gives us a better look at the project. You can check out the listing and other related leak articles on Reddit.

In the case of this job posting, we can learn quite a few things from the digital equivalent of a help-wanted ad. The first is that the listing is looking for tool coders. This is an essential job in game development, and when you can see it in a few different stages. In this case, though, it appears that it is in the pre-development phase as it seems to be creating tools the other teams will use.

This was not the only thing the posting had told us, though, because it also mentioned the four inter-connecter studios that makeup Hangar 13. The reason why this was significant was that Brighton was mentioned. We know from other reports and leaks that this is where Mafia 4 is being developed.

The last piece of confirmation that this seems to give us is that it specifically requests someone with experience in the Unreal 5 Engine. While that is becoming a more common engine, we know it will be the one that Mafia 4 will use. So another good indicator that it is for that game.

Mafia 3
Mafia 3

The funny thing about the Mafia series is that it has common recurring elements, but each game can be entirely different. This is more than likely done so that the games do not start to become receptive to the audience.

The first thing we can expect from these games is a lot of driving and violence. Both of these have played key roles in previous games where navigating the world and getting to or from jobs prove essential. Of course, no crime-focused game is ever complete without violence, and the mafia series definitely puts that in the hands of the player. Fighting for turf, money, and respect are all often vital parts of the game.

With the last game in the series, we also saw the addition of some more interesting ideas, like coordinating your mafia and taking out rivals. This was an interesting idea for the series, and it helped give the third game a different vibe and style than previous entries. I would expect this to be brought back and expanded upon with this entry.

While we don’t know the story or setting of this game, we can make some guesses. The first of these is that this game will take place later than the last one, which has been true of all entries in the series, and it will likely be true here.

The first game occurred in 1930, the second in the late ’40s to early ’50s, and the last in 1968. So I think it might be fair to guess that the game will be somewhere in the late 70s to ’80s

Mafia 3 Characters
Mafia 3 Characters

Another thing to remember is that the franchise location often changes with each entry. The previous setting was based on New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. So given the era, I would say the next game will be set in a pastiche of either a California city or Miami. These would make the most sense for the period, but to be honest, it could be set somewhere else too.

It is currently unknown what ties this entry in the series may have to its forbears. This connection usually comes in the form of characters popping up who had been in previous entries. Each entry always does have connecting threads, though, so it is something to keep an eye on as we learn more about the game.

Mafia 3 Open World
Mafia 3 Open World

We are still looking at a few years for this title, at least, provided there are no other hiccups or delays to production. The studio’s parent company Take-Two has been laying off some of its subsidiaries, but they have said this would not affect game devs. Who can say if this will hold true, but for now, at least the studio seems to be on track and schedule.

That is all we have on the fact that Mafia 4 is currently seeking programmers.

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