Major GTA Online Bug Seemingly Deleting Insurance From Owned Vehicles

Check your GTA Online garages now to prevent losing vehicles due to a bug that randomly removes insurance, and avoid destruction to protect uninsured vehicles.

Major GTA Online Bug Seemingly Deleting Insurance From Owned Vehicles
Major GTA Online Bug Seemingly Deleting Insurance From Owned Vehicles

GTA Online impresses gamers with its immersive world and action-packed gameplay, enhanced by the new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC and its quality-of-life improvements. However, occasionally technical issues like bugs or glitches may affect dedicated players’ gameplay experience. In the latest development, players have faced a bug causing insurance issues in GTA Online.


  • New bugs have surfaced in GTA Online, and players are already fed up. 
  • Vehicle insurance has become inactive for a wide array of players.
  • Many players have also reported the disappearance of vehicles from their garages, which is completely breaking the game.
  • All this came after the update for the removal of over 200 vehicles from GTA Online.

Update: To much surprise, Rockstar Games has responded(same-day) to the worrying game-breaking bug and will update soon with a patch for GTA Online.

A major concern recently emerged regarding permanently vanishing personal in-game vehicles, causing frustration among dedicated fans. Fans have identified a concerning bug in the latest GTA Online update. Players are experiencing a glitch where their Mobile Operations Center cab unexpectedly changes color to white.

The real risk lies in trying to fix this issue through customization. Shockingly, repainting the affected vehicle can permanently delete any personal vehicle in use, regardless of its value, whether it’s a modest or a high-end million-dollar vehicle. This bug has resulted in losing valuable assets, such as personal aircraft and jets, causing players to experience substantial financial setbacks.

Players must be cautious and avoid changing their MOC’s paint in GTA Online due to this game-breaking bug to avoid jeopardizing progress and enjoyment in the game. It is advisable to wait for Rockstar Games to release an official patch that addresses and resolves these issues.

Although Rockstar Games has not issued an official statement regarding the bug, it is anticipated that they will soon address it due to its substantial impact on GTA Online.

Secondly, the GTA V online community is dealing with a disruptive bug. This bug causes vehicles to disappear abruptly, resulting in widespread player frustration. Content creators warn players about the bug, urging them to exercise caution when logging into the game. They emphasize that vehicles remain vulnerable until a fix is implemented.

Lastly, in GTA Online, there is a risk that the insurance coverage for your expensive vehicles may suddenly become inactive, leaving it vulnerable to permanent destruction if another player decides to destroy it. For a seamless experience in GTA Online, check your vehicle insurance in the garages to ensure coverage.

Insurance issues in GTA Online may cause you to lose your vehicle forever. While some players have attempted to re-insure their affected vehicles at LS Customs, it’s unclear if this workaround is immune to the bug. These concerns emerge following Rockstar Games‘ removal of almost 200 vehicles from dealerships in a recent update.

This all has created quite a menace for the players of GTA Online. Experts are hinting at a steep downfall of the game if these bugs continue to prevail. What is your take on these bugs and happenings? Let us know in the comments.

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