Mancake Is Returning To Fortnite For The Chapter 4 Event

A recent leak hints at Fortnite chapter 4 teaser and revaled that Mancake is returning to Fortnite for the chapter 4 event.

Mancake Returning To Fortnite
Mancake Returning To Fortnite

Fortnite is well known for its events at this point, and they often surprise fans with new playable content they introduce or reintroduce. In this case, we have gotten the teaser for chapter 4, confirming that Mancake is returning to Fortnite for the chapter 4 event.


  • The chapter 4 teaser for Fortnite was released, and it looks at two essential details about the game, including a returning character and a hint about their event.
  • The teaser has the Fortnite community ecstatic at the prospect of both of these things.

The teaser for chapter 4 of Fortnite has come out, and Hypex posted it on Twitter, giving us a look at two different but important aspects of the upcoming chapter.

The first of these is the return of Mancake as a character skin. This has a lot of classic players very excited as Mancake appears to have grown a cult following within the community. Many are probably excited at the prospect of other classic characters making a comeback, which is a possibility.

The second thing that the teaser gave us is the possibility of the environment or possible effects. Mancakes are in the image’s foreground, but we can see a field of stars in the background.

We can see some butter that appears to be floating right off his hat. This suggests we could also experience an anti-gravity feature as an environmental effect or even a weapon. Some people even think it might be a new map set in spaces. Whatever the case, maybe it certainly has the whole community excited.

That is all that we have on Mancake is returning to Fortnite for the chapter 4 event. While you are here, check out our article on GTA VI Expected Release Date Hinted For The Year 2024 From Microsoft.

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