Marvel’s Avenger Might Not Make It To A 4.0 Upgrade

As per recent rumors, Marvel's Avenger might not make it to a 4.0 upgrade and the game could be done in a year because of that.

Marvel’s Avenger Might Not Make It To A 4.0 Upgrade
Marvel’s Avenger Might Not Make It To A 4.0 Upgrade

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rough time since its initial release a few years ago. The game was made on a live service model, which no one liked, while the game mechanics were a whole other story. This collided with other notable issues for the game and resulted in the realization that Marvel’s Avenger might not make it to a 4.0 upgrade.


  • A Leaker from Marvel’s Avengers Community that is called Miller recently got a podcast where he said that he doubts that Marvel’s Avengers we’ll make it to its 4.0 update.
  • He also talked a bit about some staffing shakeups and any delay of the she-hulk character to the Game.

Recently, a community leaker, a.k.a Miller, was interviewed on the Lunch Table Podcast. As one of the foremost leakers of Marvel’s Avengers, he was asked where he thought the game was going. Unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, he announced that he didn’t think the game would make it to its 4.0 update.

Miller stated that this belief was due to the game’s abysmal Player numbers and general reception in the community. Well, truth be told, Marvel’s Avengers do not have an extensive play base, which shows us the bleak future of the game.

Miller also stated that the game still had updates planned for the next year, which he referred to as the 3.0 series. The series has still scheduled for release and will include several play updates and characters, including the Winter Soldier.

For people who still play the game, he also mentioned something quite interesting, what happened to the She-Hulk character that was supposed to be released. He states that the studio had plans to release her before Black Panther. However, due to internal shuffling in the studio, she was swapped with Jane Foster as the next release.

So what would happen to She-Hulk as a character? Miller says that the character is still under development, and they plan to release her as a playable character in future. However, from his description, it sounds like there isn’t even a finished model for the character yet. And the way he described the working process, it sounds like the character still has a way to go before she can be released. Considering she would’ve had them with the first DLC characters, this isn’t very reassuring for fans who wanted to play her in-game.

This nonsensical swap-around only helps showcase some of the internal issues the studio has been dealing with. This, combined with shuffling to work on the multiplayer in the departure of some crew members for various reasons, has yielded a cluster of problems for the game.

That is all we have on the unfortunate news on Marvel’s Avenger might not make it to a 4.0 upgrade. What are your thoughts on the subject matter? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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