Marvels Avengers Is Ending Development

Marvel's Avengers is ending development and the game looks like it will be completely gone in a years time.

Marvels Avengers Is Ending Development
Marvels Avengers Is Ending Development

Marvel games have had a fantastic reputation over the years and have achieved widespread success and acclaim. Whether it was the excellent Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, the Marvel vs. Capcom titles, or even movie tie-ins like Spider-Man 2, you can hit a significant snag every once in a while. For Marvel, that has been Marvel’s Avengers. Unfortunately, the latest news reveals that Marvel’s Avengers is ending development and the game.


  • Marvel’s Avengers is speeding up its timetable and finishing any related projects.
  • This ending of development is also signaled by the apparent expiration of both when you can buy the game and for how long you can play it.
  • This ends several troubled years for the game that pushed it to this point.

Marvel’s Avengers appears to be ending its development through several vital factors. First, they have sped up the timetable for all the currently in-development products. This includes everything from any patches they are working on to the remaining characters they had. This speed-up was one of the first indications that the game was progressing.

Another factor foreshadowing this end is that anything that hasn’t been sped up has been quietly dropped. One big example is that any characters not close to finishing have been silently dropped from any more announcements concerning the game.

The two most prominent were She-Hulk and Captain Marvel, who would seem important to the game due to the story. Whether they will get finished is unknown, which is a bad sign for the game.

Marvel’s Avenger had a few key issues that have plagued the game since day one and have never gone away. These issues can be broken down into two categories: the players had to deal with them, and the developers had to deal with them. It would make sense to start with the ones that the developers dealt with because that impacted the game players got.

In short, the title was mismanaged from top to bottom, according to the dev team. Not only did the company leaders not know what they were doing, but marvel games allegedly forced the studio through inane hoops. This all culminated in the many game problems that fans would have to face.

The problems on the player side are varied but did boil down to a few key points, and the biggest was the game’s structure. The game’s original concept was a multiplay versus game where players would fight each other with heroes and pay micro-transactions for everything else. Not only was this model flawed from the beginning there was no way players would like it, and all it did was create a stiff, uninteresting, micro-transaction-filled mess that people still tried to play.

The whole thing eventually collapsed in on itself for two reasons. One is the rather unkind but not unearned response that this game got in beta and its opening year. And the second has been an ever-dwindling amount of staff to work on the game. With all of this together, the writing was on the wall.

This doesn’t seem to have impacted the other m marvel titles too severely, but at a minimum, it will serve as an example of what not to do. On the flip side, many fans won’t be able to play it that long because it will be removed from stores in September. Once that happens, the servers are bound to go as well.

That is all we have on that Marvel’s Avengers is ending development.

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