Meta Is Planning Their Own Game Subscription Service

It appears Meta is planning their own game subscription service and it could affect the future of VR gaming.

Meta Is Planning There Own Game Subscription Service
Meta Is Planning There Own Game Subscription Service

Meta is still trying to enter the sphere of tech hardware and game distribution and to further that goal. They are looking at some new ideas. One of these new ideas is that Meta is planning their own game subscription service. This is an exciting concept, given that the company doesn’t make any games but might align with several that do.


  • According to the leak, Meta is working on a game subscription service.
  • Meta has been slowly making inroads into the hardware space, particularly the VR hardware market.
  • They have also been making inroads with Microsoft to gain access to their library possibly.

Meta has been pushing more and more to enter the gaming sphere, and they are focusing on the VR space. This relatively untapped market could be a goldmine for them for a few different reasons, and the company seems to be aware of this.

So they are going even further by designing their game subscription pass. this leak comes from Shiny Quagsire and Basti on Twitter. Both allegedly found the same data on Android and IOS.

It is unclear exactly how this would work other than it has been compared to similar Xbox and PlayStation services. We do know that the company has been in the process of integrating an Xbox app into the quest. I would assume that this is where the company would get most of its games. This now leaves us with two different possibilities for the future.

The first of these is that Meta could integrate their pass with the Xbox library for the games that will be available. It is not like the entire library will work on the quest, so this could help streamline the process for the ones that will and give the players a larger day-one library. This is possible but would be incredibly complicated, given that Xbox already has its service.

The second possibility is that meta plans to expand and create its library like PlayStation. This would make sense, as VR appears to become a competitive space needing hardware-specific titles. It will require those titles to not only encourage people to buy VR but also to encourage them to buy certain VR games. Similar to Halo is only on Xbox and PS, God Of War VR games must also be specific.

Considering the second idea, it makes sense that Meta would want a Game Pass. The more titles players can use on day one, especially ones they can get anywhere else, will cause them to want that console.

So far, the only VR games that have approached this level of exclusive detail would be Horizon Call Of The Mountain for the PSVR2. This highly detailed and beautiful game tugs players into wanting to try the systems. But for people to throw down the cash for an expensive VR system, they need more. Meta is aware of this and is taking steps.

That is all we have on the fact that meta is planning there own game subscription service.

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