MGS3 Remake Is Coming In 2024

As per new details, MGS3 remake is coming in 2024 and also revealing what improvements might be coming to the game.

MGS3 Remake Is Coming In 2024
MGS3 Remake Is Coming In 2024

For better or worse, we know we live in a world where video game remasters and remakes are guaranteed to make money. For the most part, this has worked out really well because it has given us some revivals of great games and games that we never thought we would see again. The Resident Evil games are the first that spring to mind, but more is always coming. Now it appears that an MGS3 remake is coming in 2024, and this could be a really interesting project.


  • MGS3 has a remake in the works to release the title on modern systems.
  • The remake had an undermined date when this news started to come out, but now it appears that it will be aiming for a 2024 release.
  • The MGS3 title will be a remake, not a remaster, which could mean several things for the game.

Metal Gear tends to be one of those games that gamers know, even if they have never played it before. It is a cultural osmosis piece that functions similarly to things like Castlevania and Zelda. You don’t have to play it to know what it is. To say that a title like that left an impression on the gaming world would be an understatement. Now we are getting a remake of one of the series’ most famous titles.

Now we will be getting a remake of MGS3, which will be coming out soon. Andy Robinson reported this on Twitter, which is a very reliable leak. We can speculate on several aspects that could be brought back or altered in the remake.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was known for its new dynamic systems, mature story, and themes. When this was paired with the previous games’ stealth elements, you had fun and were still considered one of the best by fans. Much of this had to do with two different facets, but only one of which will be the remake.

The one that is more than likely going to be updated will be the numerous systems that were put into this game. Everything ranges from the insane hiding and camouflage mechanics to the injury management system. This game introduced a lot of things that would help define the series going forward.

The thing that I don’t think is going to get changed much is the story. The story is iconic in the series overall, and the only alteration I could see them making would be expanding it. This is what most other game remakes have done, and I can’t picture this one changing this trend.

Of course, this will also receive those graphical enhancements that so many game remakes get today, which will benefit everything better. It might be cool if you lose sight of him when Snake is hiding. Only time will tell how this will look, but it all seems promising.

That is all that we have on the MGS3 remake that is coming in 2024.

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