Microsoft Layoffs Could Affect Halo And Fallout

As per latest reports, Microsoft layoffs could affect Halo and Fallout.

Microsoft Layoffs Could Affect Halo and Fallout
Microsoft Layoffs Could Affect Halo and Fallout

It is an interesting gaming time, where the industry’s reality is starting to become more prominent than the games they produce. Don’t get me wrong, we all still love video games, and every day, that adoration is still growing, but now we know how those games are made. With this surge of information, we can determine a lot about the future of gaming. One recent leak regarding Microsoft layoffs could affect Halo and Fallout, among other titles.


  • Microsoft will be laying off their staff members soon, with members of staff also including subsidiary companies, including 343 and Bethesda.
  • There is no official number on the number of employees being laid off.
  • Some of the more prominent franchises affected by this will include Halo, Fallout, and Starfield.

Even in the most prominent companies, the staffs are still mostly too small for the work they cover. So as you can imagine, it was quite a shock when Jason Schreier reported that Microsoft would be laying off employees.

Even worse, this will also be applied to their subsidiaries, the most notable of which are 343 Industries and Bethesda. So these staffing cuts will likely impact the workflow and progress at Microsoft and these companies. This will affect significant game development across several titles for the next few years.

343 is the company that developed and still works on Halo, with the most recent title being Halo Infinite which famously needed months more work before releasing in full. On the other side, Bethesda is most famous for producing the Fallout series, but other games they have are Doom, Elder Scrolls, and the upcoming Starfield.

It is fair to say that any major staffing changes will affect all of these titles moving forward, and more than likely not for the better. No game developer has ever said they wanted a minor team for a project.

We still don’t know the exact number that could be out during this layoff, but it likely won’t be a small number. It wouldn’t have been large enough to get this attention if it was only one or two. Only time will tell moving forward, so we will keep an eye on Microsoft and its gaming companies.

That is all I have on how the Microsoft layoffs could affect Halo and Fallout.

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