Microsoft Has Filed A New Trademark: KILN

Microsoft has filed a new trademark named KILN, which is awaiting for approval by legal authorities.

Microsoft's new Trademark KILN
Microsoft's new Trademark KILN

Microsoft’s new trademark, KILN has just been filed today for approval by legal authorities. There’s not much information about it yet. But according to the description of the trademark KILN is supposed to be a games-related platform unlike any other platforms like the Playstore or the iOS app store.

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  • Microsoft’s new trademark, KILN is a cloud service app store meant to replace Google and Apple’s app store on mobile.
  • It is also supposed to stream other forms of entertainment implying it is a substitute for Netflix by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft acquiring massive games developing companies like Activision is also seems to be tied with KILN.

Microsoft’s new trademark, KILN is supposedly a live service app store. The description describes the trademark KILN as Non-Downloadable entertainment and video games software. This means it is a cloud service app where you stream online without downloading.

Nothing is known about what it is, but it connects to some previous information about Microsoft making a brand-new Xbox app store on mobile. It is supposedly a new store to replace both the app stores of Apple and Google. So KILN might be the mentioned app store to replace mobile app stores and pave the way for next-generation gaming on mobile.

There have been quite a few apps that allow cloud gaming on mobile, but most are still prototypes and haven’t had any good funding to make a breakthrough. With KILN, which will most likely be supported with Xbox cloud gaming capability, it could mean a lot of next-generation gaming for mobile.

Microsoft's new Trademark KILN
Microsoft’s new Trademark KILN

There’s a chance that KILN is not only a game store but also an app store providing the latest apps on mobile without downloading them but that might not be a thing, and they might also be downloadable anyways.

While it is quite possible that KILN is a mobile app, but that might not be the case as well, as there is no mention of mobile in the description of KILN. This means that it isn’t only for mobile but for multiple platforms.

Microsoft’s new trademark KILN could also be something of a streaming site like Netflix. Since entertainment is written in KILN’s description, it might have more than just games and could provide movies and tv shows to stream.

We can also tie this information to Microsoft acquiring multiple game development companies. So far, all the game companies acquired and in the process of acquiring by Microsft have a history with mobile games. So they might as well be tapping into the development of AAA games for KILN to be able to stream on mobile or even other platforms.

There are multiple possibilities of what KILN could be, for now, these are just speculations. But whatever it is, it has great things in store for the future of gaming. Hopefully, we will some news on upcoming Xbox or Microsoft events.

What do you think KILN is about and what it might bring for the future of gaming as a whole, tell us in the comments.

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