Microsoft May Not Be Attending The Game Awards

Xbox may not be attending The Game Awards, according to rumors

Microsoft Not Attending The Game Awards
Microsoft Not Attending The Game Awards

Recent rumors suggest that Microsoft is not attending the Game Awards 2022. The reason is none other than the Sony and Microsoft dispute over Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. The current state of affairs may hold Microsoft back on any reveals due to regulatory reasons.


  • Microsoft acquiring Activision has Sony on edge making them take drastic measures to avoid getting Call Of Duty out of their hands.
  • Microsoft did assure a 10-year deal for Call Of Duty to stay on the PlayStation.
  • Currently, both companies are making different claims about each other to get the upper hand and make it so it would be unfair if the other one wins.
  • Microsoft wants to avoid any new reveals so that Sony won’t get the upper hand, as it’s already getting complicated for Microsoft.
  • Moreover, there won’t be any Xbox games or gameplay reveals such as Starfield or Kojima’s new Xbox exclusive game.

Recently, Microsoft has been acquiring many new studios and making deals with major developers for Xbox-exclusive games like Starfield and Kojima production’s new game.

Microsoft intends to acquire Activision Blizzard, which Sony isn’t so happy about. Sony currently has its knees bent on not letting go of the Call Of Duty franchise.

Sony also thinks that Bethesda studio has started developing all exclusives just for Xbox. The same could happen with Activision as well, and they could lose the Call of Duty franchise. Believe it or not, aside from exclusives, a considerable profit for sony comes from the Call Of Duty franchise. So it is understandable why Sony is so scared to lose it.

Warzone 2 has surpassed 25 million concurrent players in 5 days since its launch, according to official Call Of Duty Twitter, out of which 430,000 players are active players on Steam according to Steam charts depending on the time of the day.

The peak number of players on steam has been 488,987 since its launch. So doing a little calculation and ruling out some other platforms, we could say that 10 million players alone could be on console, but this is just a speculation as Sony hasn’t provided any data on the matter.

Steam players of warzone 2.0, Microsoft
Steam Charts for Warzone 2.0 players count

So Sony is afraid to let go of the Call of Duty franchise, which has made the company take a lot of drastic measures as well to prevent the acquisition from happening—following it from the very start when Sony claimed that making Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive would make PlayStation drop as low as the Nintendo.

Sony was then assured that Call Of Duty wouldn’t be made an exclusive of Xbox, so they took legal action and asked FTC to file a lawsuit against the Microsoft and Activision deal. FTC is the Federal Trade Commission that tries to prevent any unfair and deceptive trade practices. FTC filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft to avoid the merger.

This led to making different claims about how Sony is already very successful in the gaming industry over Xbox and how Xbox Game Pass is very successful against the PS Plus. This brings the topic to the CMA document, where both companies presented different Intellectual properties and other properties to compare and determine which one is already successful.

Microsoft also listed many companies and games that PlayStation owns and which games were made exclusively for the Sony’s console. There was also the mention of Takes Two Interactive, which publishes games for Rockstar Studio like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, which was Exclusive to PlayStation 4 at launch. There Microsoft accidentally hinted at the release date of GTA VI as well, and it seems a lot close than you think.

So the goal currently is to avoid any reveals during The Game Awards that don’t cause any more complications for the current case, and Microsoft doesn’t end up losing the case because of it.

This means we won’t be able to see any reveals of Xbox or Microsoft. It’s just a rumor, but we might not see any news regarding Starfield or Kojima’s new game, which are very anticipated games in the industry.

It’s indeed sad news among a massive Xbox community. But still, currently, it’s just rumors and keep your fingers crossed for this rumor to not gain any weight to it. Tell us your thoughts on the matter of Microsoft not attending the Game Awards and if you have any news or opinion on the current state. Tell us about it in the comments.

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