Microsoft’s Project Q To Be Priced Under $300

It has been leaked that Microsoft's Project Q will be under $300 and with that leak come more info about the console and its competitors.

Microsoft's Project Q Will Be Under $300
Microsoft's Project Q Will Be Under $300

Microsoft has been spending much money and time on new projects, and we are just gaining information about them. One of the things we have just learned is that Microsoft’s Project Q will be under $300. Now there were a few other things that came out with this leak and a few things that we can assume. So let’s go ahead and see what we know about Microsoft’s Project Q.


  • Microsoft has had several projects in the works for the last few years, and the latest that we have learned about is Project Q.
  • The most important information we learned is that Project Q will be $300.
  • The project documentation refers to the possible purpose of this device and a competitor device from PlayStation.

Microsoft has been trying to expand its position in the market through several means. The first and most notable of these is the ongoing attempt to acquire Activision-Blizzard. In addition to this, we know that they are developing several game projects through their owned studios. But the thing that we are looking at today is their hardware development.

The specific hardware we are looking at is Project Q, which has been one of their more secretive projects recently, but we just received a leak. The leak covered a few essential aspects of the project, but the price was the most important. It was revealed in a tweet from Stephen Totilo that Project Q would be under $300.

The figure of under $300 still leaves a lot of leeway in how much it could be, but it gives us a capstone. It makes a lot of sense for the device to cost $250, but many critics say it could just as easily be $299. Those are both fair numbers, but the system will be cheaper than the current Xbox Series X, which runs $499.

The price was not the only thing disclosed in this tweet, though, as it was an official release from Microsoft’s lawyers. One of the most important things discussed is that Project Q will take the same direction as the Nintendo Switch. This more than likely means that it will be a mobile console. If the switch is being mentioned, it can also serve as a main console.

While the project’s hardware is undisclosed, some games were mentioned in the document. Most Notably, Fortnight, Minecraft, and Lego games were all listed as being connected to this console. While these are not the most taxing game, they all have good graphics and use a decent amount of memory. This tells us that we a looking at some proper hardware for this new console.

The last thing mentioned in this tweet but is very interesting is that Microsoft claims PlayStation is developing a similar device. This device is listed in the published material as a portable version of the PlayStation 5. If this is true and the device is modeled after the PlayStation 5, it could have even better hardware than Project Q, but only time will tell.

That is all we have on the fact that Microsoft’s Project Q will be under $300.

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