Minecraft Coming To Xbox X/S, New Rating Revealed

Recent classification for Xbox Series consoles in Germany, hinting at an imminent release of a native Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft.

Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S
Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios might be gearing up for the launch of an exclusive Xbox Series X/S edition of the well-known title Minecraft. This speculation arises from the game’s recent classification for Xbox Series consoles in Germany, hinting at a possible imminent release of Minecraft on Xbox X|S.


  • Recently, Xbox Series consoles have been classified in Germany.
  • An online gaming store has posted an ad about Minecraft Xbox X|S
  • This hints at an imminent release of a native Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft.

The concept of a ‘next-gen’ iteration of Minecraft has been circulating since before the official release of Xbox Series X and S. Surprisingly, despite nearly three years in the platform’s lifecycle, no such version has manifested.

Nonetheless, recent activity within the German ratings board has ignited conjecture that an imminent arrival of a fresh Minecraft edition might be on the horizon.

Highlighted by Andrew Marmo‘s observation on Twitter, the USK has recently assessed an “Xbox Series” variant of the game. While no precise launch date is linked to this rating, such classifications commonly emerge near a new title’s release. This raises optimism that the much-anticipated next-gen Minecraft port might finally be nearing its actualization.

Apart from this discovery, we have also observed a new ad posting about Minecraft – Xbox Series X/S on an online store. The store, “GameStop” posted the game price to be $19.99. Thus, this has further confirmed this rumor.

Xbox Series XS
Xbox Series X|S on an online store.

Fans retain their ‘hopeful’ stance because this prospect has been purportedly in the pipeline for such an extended duration that we’ve nearly begun to doubt its authenticity. The excitement surrounding the potential implementation of authentic ray tracing in Minecraft was substantial around 2019 and 2020. We’re eager to witness if this commitment materializes in the upcoming weeks or months.

In March 2022, Mojang introduced an initial ray-tracing preview to the Xbox console version of Minecraft. However, they acknowledged the error and eliminated the ray tracing (RT) choice. Although the exact scope of other upgrades intended for the present-generation Minecraft version remains uncertain, it’s evident that ray tracing, in one way or another, has remained under development in recent times.

In any event, this fresh rating from the German classification system appears to bring us closer to the potential release of this edition. With this in mind, fans are optimistic that a dedicated Xbox Series X|S version of Minecraft could become a reality shortly!

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