New Grindable Modern Warfare 2 Camos Have Been Leaked On Internet

Four new grindable Modern Warfare 2 camos have been leaked and three of them are the top tier.

Modern Warfare 2 Camos

Dataminers using early access to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s campaign have reported discovering multiple grindable camos. It is giving the audience a good look at Modern Warfare 2 camos, including Gold, Platinum, and Damascus. Aside from the three camos that require a lot of grinding, there’s also a fourth leaked grindable camo, but it’s just a repaint on the whole gun.

Story Highlights

  • Modern Warfare 2’s open beta for the multiplayer didn’t have the grindable camos. Now they have been data mined from the early access of the campaign.
  • The grindable Modern Warfare 2 camos include Gold, Platinum, and Damascus camos, but these are retouched and remade to make them look different from Modern Warfare and Warzone grindable camos.
  • There are one leaked level one grindable camos, and they are well suited to being on level one as they are just a single-color repaint.
  • The challenges required to unlock camos have been reported to be the same as Modern Warfare challenges. It’s not final yet, though, and could be changed.

Modern Warfare 2 is currently underway with early success for a selected few players. Early access is for the campaign so reviewers can review it first. The game will be released soon, on 28th October, with both the multiplayer and the campaign available globally.

Previously the game had an open beta for multiplayer, and there was no sign of these grindable camos. But with the campaign’s early access update for the selected few players, unused data of these grindable camos in the files are now surfacing on internet. They have changed the very look of the grindable camos compared to previous games, and now they look astonishingly excellent.

Starting with the gold, it’s not just a repaint of gold color on the gun. Now it comes with a mixture of black and gold. It’s a cool-looking redesign, most likely inspired by black gold skins.

The gold camo is unlockable when you grind all other grindable camos, which require you to get kills in different ways, for example, killing while sliding, crouching, hip firing, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 grindable camo gold
Grindable Gold Camo

Moving on to Platinum, it’s also a mixture of the original platinum color with gold color. Unlike gold, though, it has more of a retouch with a web-like texture inside the black part of the skin. The web texture gives it a more unique look, making the previous platinum grindable skin which was not liked much before in the community, now considered an excellent grindable camo.

Platinum is unlockable after you unlock all grindable gold camos for all the weapons of a particular type, like assault rifles, SMGs, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 grindable camo platinum
Platinum Grindable Camo

Lastly, Damascus, is dark purple now but without the wavey pink color pattern. The gun also has a black color inside it, by the looks of it, just like gold and platinum camo. But for this one, the unique part is that there’s some purple crystal texture inside the dark purple. It’s probably inspired by the purple crystal grindable camos acquired from the zombie’s mode.

Damascus is acquired by grinding and getting gold on all weapons. The current number of guns available in the game is 50, and you will have to get gold for all those weapons to acquire Damascus.

Modern Warfare 2 grindable camo damascus
Damascus Grindable Camo

Aside from these, the leak also has grindable camo named Solid Colors, and it’s just repainted specific color. We don’t know yet what challenge is required to unlock the solid Colors camo yet, but it’s most likely the level one grindable camo that will just need you to reach a specific number of kills on a single weapon.

Activision reports that they will reduce the repetitiveness of challenges to unlock camos and attachments. According to a certain informer @Metaaphor, the challenges for grindable camos are the same as Modern Warfare. There might be some changes in challenges and in camouflages, so we will be looking forward to the game’s launch to see if there is any change.

Tell us what you think about the new Modern Warfare 2 camos. Do share your thoughts if they should change the challenges if you didn’t like them in Modern Warefare, down in the comments.

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