Monolith Productions To Keep Multiple Work Options As Activision-Blizzard Gets Rid Of Theirs

Monolith Productions to keep multiple work options as a response to Activision-Blizzard removing theirs.

Monolith Productions To Keep Multiple Work Options
Monolith Productions To Keep Multiple Work Options

The gaming industry has always been a rapidly changing environment, as it tends to alter every time a new technology or development method is discovered. But the last few years have seen some of the most significant alterations to the industry.

Now Activision-Blizzard is trying to roll back on those changes, and Monolith is taking the opposite approach as such monolith productions will keep multiple work options open for employees to choose from. This has various benefits and shows how an available line of thinking and putting employees first can help a company.


  • Activision-Blizzard attempts to force all its employees back into the office from remote or hybrid jobs.
  • Monolith Productions’ design and development manager, Lori Hyrup, has announced that Monolith will keep all three job types so employees have options.
  • It has been repeatedly proven that employees are more productive with work-from-home and hybrid jobs, which also benefit employers.


Their job landscape is a Mix match because of outdated ideas, new technology, and a world where employees reevaluate what they want and need. No place is this more evident than in the landscape of the industry.

We have seen it all, from mergers of questionable viability to an overhaul to how much employees will tolerate being mistreated in the office. Now we are coming up with another change that will set studios apart, their approach to job type.


Among the many pieces of news that have come out about Activision-Blizzard within the last few weeks, another one has hit the net: their removal of work-from-home and hybrid job choices. This is already causing stirs within the gaming sphere as employees, and even other companies react to a baffling choice.

Let’s go ahead and break this down to get a better look at the whole event. This info came from GameDevoloper.coms  Twitter account.

Activision has not announced this yet, but it was reported from insider information, so there is a strong likely hood they will move forward with it. Under this direction, the company would seek to eliminate its work-from-home and hybrid positions.

This would force all employees to work in the office and many to relocate to California. This is a wrong decision for several reasons, but first, let’s see their competitors’ response.

Monolith Productions’ design and development manager, Lori Hyrup, simply responded to this breaking news. She said that Monolith plans to keep all three listed job choices. So there, employees will now get to keep the option of working in the office, in a hybrid format, or from home.

This way, if employees are more comfortable in the office, they can be there or work from home. It is a big deal that Monolith Productions keeps multiple work options because this level of choice benefits employers and employees alike. This came right from Lori Hyrup’s Twitter.

One of the first and, by far and away, most enormous benefits is that employees are just as productive and sometimes more productive in work-from-home jobs. Multiple articles have been published by this point in time pointing out that not only are employees still productive from home, but some are also more so. Some employees finish the task with greater efficiency and without losing quality.

This method also has fantastic employee benefits as it has been linked to better physical and mental health. It’s also good for employees that want to spend time with their families and reside in more economically stable areas. All of this even allows employers to save money on office space.
So it is easy to see why Monolith would want to take full advantage of these benefits while building their games. That does beg the question of why Activision would want to do this and suffer the myriad of issues it will cause.

For one thing, California has one of the worst pay-to-living disparities in recent history, and even a gaming company’s salary wouldn’t cover it. Because of this, it was appealing for many employees to choose hybrid or work-from-home positions. It is hard to picture that many people will want to move to California to be homeless or take a three-hour commute to work.

Another thing that has come up as a reaction to this has been the numerous claims of harassment and a toxic environment at the Activison-Blizzard office. These claims have resulted in lawsuits, organization reshuffling, and people departing the company.

The only thing they don’t see to have resulted in is a change in attitude regarding how the company treats this workplace culture. When the company had to switch to remote work, these decreased as the online format offered a buffer and shield for employees. It’s hard to see many employees wanting to return to that.

The fact that Activision-Blizzard is also trying to be merged with Microsoft makes this a baffling move. The company has also gotten into trouble for alleged union busting at its owned studios. You think it would want to avoid any more problem until the deal with Microsoft is complete.

We are facing a large change in all industries concerning how work is approached, but this is especially true for gaming. In an era where larger studios and triple-A games do not hold the sway they used to, there is a lot that will change in the industry. Now we see how companies handle that change in drastically different ways.

Monolith is embracing the change and using it to tell new and interesting stories with a team with various job options and security. On the other hand, Activision-Blizzard is trying to cling to a past style that no longer exists. A time when employees could be forced to work in an office and deal with various other problems that would come up. As we approach the future, it seems only one company is striving to keep moving forward.

That is all we have on Monolith Productions To Keep Multiple Work Options.

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