Moss Book II Possibly Headed To Steam

Second entry of Moss the virtual reality adventure game is headed to steam

Moss Book 2 on Steam
Moss Book 2 on Steam

Moss: Book 2 is headed to Steam, according to the Steamdb. Moss: Book II is a 2022 virtual reality adventure game developed and published by American video game development studio Polyarc.

A sequel to Moss, the game follows Quill as she ventures through the land to battle the arcane to save the land of Moss. Moss book 2 on steam has confirmed to support SteamVR, and there’s some additional information as well.


  • Moss Book II has information listed on Steam Database confirming its arrival on Steam, and it shows supported hardware and modes.
  • The Steamdb page also has supported languages and already has a translation in different languages for achievements.
  • The release date is yet to be confirmed, but we can expect some news very soon.

The game was released for the Oculus Quest on March 31, 2022. Currently, Steamdb is listed with all its specs listed as well. The game will be supported on the Oculus Quest and SteamVR. Just for confirmation, the game follows first-person gameplay as it’s a VR game.

Moss Book II is a puzzle-solving platformer game with added action adventure in its tags. The game has a compelling story, gripping VR combat, and captivating exploration. The original game already has some really positive approval on Steam. So the second game is worth looking forward to as well.

The game will feature two play modes for players’ ease and their preferred playing position. The game supports both seated and standing playing modes. Although people have different playing opinions while playing VR games. So for the player’s ease, there will be the standing and sitting mode if one likes the comfort of lying back on a couch or chair.

Moss Book 2 on steam
Moss Book II page on steamdb

The game has been confirmed to support different languages, according to Steamdb. It is unclear if it will support interface, audio, and subtitles for other languages, but the achievement for different languages has been confirmed. Maybe they will ensure the support for all types of interaction for different languages to be added in the game if they are already listed.

Moss Book II supported languages
Supported languages of Moss Book II

The Moss Book II is the continuation of Moss that was released in February 2018. There isn’t any confirmation if the game will support outside VR. For now, it will not be released as a non-VR game, just like the first game, which still hasn’t been released outside VR.

There’s no confirmed release date yet. But we can look forward to some upcoming solo announcements or special events.

What do you think when the game is most likely to be released? And what do you think about the game as VR action-adventure platformer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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