Mr. Beast X Fortnite Collab Spotted At FNCS Invitational

A Mr. Beast and Fortnite collab spotted at FNCS Invitational has taken fans of both by surprise and has everyone excited for what it means.

Mr. Beast X Fortnite Collab
Mr. Beast X Fortnite Collab

If one were to think about big brands that gamers respect, there are only a few options. If I had to pick two, one would be Fortnite for its massive success, and the other would be Mr. Beast, a famous YouTube personality who has grown his reputation through time and effort to be one of the biggest content creators on Youtube. It is pretty clear that I am not the only one who noticed this limited amount of inspirational brands or that these two are standouts. The result is that there has been an official Mr. Beast X Fortnite collab spotted at FNCS Invitational.


  • The collab was spotted at FNCS Invitational and was quite a surprise to guests.
  • The collab itself references the Mr. Beast Burgers brand and appears to be a kind of avatar like it is from the game.

The latest collab details come from the famous Fortnite data miner Hypex. The symbol of this crossover is the avatar of a Mr. Beast Burger, complete with eyes, tong, and teeth. It is a standout symbol and one that surprised people because there had been no talk about this before the event began.

The full extent of the collab is unknown at this point. So it could be anything from specially-themed items and skins to something to do with Mr. Beast Burgers. Only time will tell what this collab will become and what it will mean for Fortnite players at the event itself.

For those who do not know, the FNCS is the in-person Fortnite event for players and is well known to add some references or teases for upcoming content in Fortnite. Meanwhile, with this Mr. Beast X Fortnite collab, it is nice to see that they are continually trying to keep it relevant.

Last month, we also saw a similar event of Fortnite and Marvel X-23 Collab that took the internet by storm. This further proves the possibility of Fortnite and Mr. Beast collaborations to pave the way for unique content for players.

Recently, we also got to see scrapped Fortnite cosmetics that looked amazing and were also what fans demanded. Unfortunately, they were tossed under the rug but can still return.

That is all we have on the Mr. Beast, and Fortnite collab spotted at FNCS Invitational.

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