Multiple DC Games Could Be On The Way From Warner Bros

It appears that Multiple DC games could be on the way from WBD and it could lead to whole new series and style of video games

Multiple DC games could be on the way from WBD Cover Image
Multiple DC Titles Could Be On The Way From Warner Bros

DC video games have had an exciting decade, from being on top to almost non-existent. Ten years ago, you couldn’t think about a DC video game without thinking about the Batman Arkham series and Injustice. Many wondered if we would see more DC properties get the same treatment. There was nothing in the news for the longest time, but now it appears that Multiple DC games could be coming from WBD. This would be a big deal for DC fans, but there is more to unpack from the news than just excitement.


  • WBD recently created a job posting for an Executive Producer position, and in it, they revealed that multiple projects may be involved.
  • The reveal that multiple projects could be involved was also interesting because the posting says the position would require extensive DC knowledge.
  • The only official game underway is the Wonder Woman game that was announced a while ago.

The DC fandom was ecstatic when we got the announcement that there would be a Wonder Woman game. There had only been two really good DC games in the last ten years, and seeing more characters in this format is something fans have wanted for a while. So when a new job posting for an executive producer position called for a lot of DC knowledge, people started getting excited.

Of course, it wasn’t just that a lot of knowledge on the DC universe would be required but also that multiple projects would be involved with the position. Because of this, Warner Brothers Discovery may be creating many new DC games. This is likely part of the push to create more DC content, including movies and TV shows.

Now, while we only know about the Wonder Woman game, the posting discussed needing a lot of knowledge. So, we figure these multiple games will require knowledge of multiple heroes.

There are a few heroes we might be likely to see: Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern. These characters have different settings and power sets that could draw people in. We also can’t rule out the possibility of a Justice League game or another Batman title because that franchise always makes DC money.

The one we know about is Wonder Woman, but details about the game are few and far between. We know it will obviously be about Wonder Woman and assume it will have open-world elements. We don’t even know when or where the game will be set, and given all the places and eras Wonder Woman has been, that leaves a lot of room.

Hopefully, this will be everything a Wonder Woman game can be because she has much potential in video game form. Whatever path they choose for her, she appears to be kicking off a whole new gaming DC Universe.

That is all that we have on Multiple DC games under development at Warner Bros Discovery.

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